It’s Time to Restore ‘Enemy Mine’

The film 1985 Enemy Mine tells the story of two soldiers — one man and one stranger — who were suddenly united when they were confined to a ruined planet. TV writer Andrea Kail says that even the famous Louis Gossett Jr. play. we can not keep it to ourselves.

“I remember loving the film when I saw it many years ago, but it didn’t remember me,” says Kail in Section 490 of the book. Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “It was shot like a movie by B. Dennis Quaid was up-and-down, the music was full. I just found it to be more boring than it should be.”

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy recipient David Barr Kirtley he admits that the film is a bit short-lived, which is a shame considering it came from an award-winning novel. Barry Longyear. “The [novella] It’s very touching, “says Kirtley.” The story is that the boy learned to understand a certain culture, and then passed it on to the child.

The movie is reaching its climax now as the human warrior goes on a vicious war. A comedian Tom manages he says the ending is confusing mainly due to the peace stories of the entire film. “Every time he kills anyone, I ask myself, ‘What is that?’” Now he has learned to be peaceable, and he does.

Science fiction writer Matthew Kressel states that time is appropriate for a new type of Enemy Mine which are located close to the sources of the material. “I think the film could have been made again, if done with the latest technology,” he says. “I think it’s a constant message, not to insult anyone just because we don’t know them.”

Listen to the full interview with Andrea Kail, Tom Gerencer, and Matthew Kressel in Section 490 Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy (above). And check out some of the highlights below.

David Barr Kirtley pa The Last Starfighter:

“When I saw it as a child, it seemed big and interesting to me, and now that it sounds like it Galaxy Quest. It’s really stupid – in a fun way. … I think they say it has a federation of 800 countries or something, and they only have 12 pilots to fight in the war? And then they have this wall of satellites to protect them from evil people, and it’s like, ‘No, dudes, we’re in space.’ I mean, it has to be around the world 800. So how many things are we talking about? Perhaps that is why they have only 12 pilots — because of the huge amount of money they spent on that huge wall. ”

Matthew Kressel pa Enemy Mine:

“Every time we fight against another group, we take away their identity so that we can kill them. ‘Oh, they are inhuman beasts!’ When you see them as someone else – in this case they are strangers – but when you look at their life, face to face, and that they are like you, and in some ways better than you, I think they are stronger. you buy. … [The alien] it says, ‘We were here a thousand years before you were born,’ and it is obviously one of the things that both sides think is right, but they all want the same things. So when we got to the end, where Davidge was repeating the old Drac world line, I found that it was moving unexpectedly. ”

Tom Gerencer pa Flight Navigator:

“I just saw the part he flew in the sky Thanks Herman talking to him, so I thought, ‘That movie is silly.’ And when I came back last week and watched this movie from start to finish, I was like, ‘Holy crap, it’s so good that it looks good, and it’s not old, but it’s been eight years. both parents died. ‘ I was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that movie had something sweet.’ So I really enjoyed that, and as a result, I was able to watch the whole movie again, saying, ‘Now there is a story, and I can understand it.’ So I really enjoyed the movie, but most of all, because I had never seen it before. ”

Andrea Kail pa Short Region:

“I still remember the film very well. I remember when I was a teenager thinking it was so much fun. There was one line I hadn’t thought about for years, but quickly Fisher Stevens I said, ‘O my God. I remember saying that with my friend over and over again, ‘because we thought it was funny. It was the line, ‘I’m going to the gym right now.’ And we can say that in India’s bad pronunciation. I thought it was funny at the time, and I see it now and it’s scary and dangerous. We’ve been making all these movies of the 80s – bad, good – and it makes me feel like we’re not just being ignorant, but also experiencing the ghosts of the past: racism, the atrocities that existed. it was very popular in the 80s. “

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