Israel is facing the loss of a vaccine passport without the addition of Covid

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Israel confiscates more than a million citizens’ immunization passports on Sunday, and resides the first country to direct a temporary shot as evidence of a complete vaccination.

The idea, which prompted thousands of people to rush for the third BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine last week, is the last resort to free Israel from its fourth Covid-19 epidemic.

“I believe the fourth wave ends, ” Health Ministry chief Nachman Ash said in a radio interview, saying the victory was good for them. “We are on a journey, but I say this with caution.”

At the same time, the medical ministry issued a statement stating that similar side effects such as fatigue or hand pain all dropped compared to the third jab than the first or second jab.

Israel, which was the first country to use the Pfizer vaccine, uses supplements avoid the closure of August when the effectiveness of the vaccine decreased and the disease grew, especially among the elderly, who began to fill Israeli hospitals with serious illnesses.

Considering the possibility of a collision, Israel offered three shots, first to the immune system, then to the elderly, and finally to all seniors, Pfizer or other international health organizations such as the US Food & Administration Administration (FDA). enough about the subject.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett outlined the benefits of the strike, first by US President Joe Biden at the end of August, and then at the UN General Assembly two weeks ago. When it came to choosing another vaccine or doubling the vaccine, “we made the final choice – we are the first to shoot,” Bennett told world leaders. “After two months, I can say it works.”

New deaths occurring with Covid-19 in Israel, the UK, the EU and the US.  Maximum seven days of new deaths (per 100K)

Currently, Israel is the first to provide supplements to all over 12 people, not just those at risk of hospitalization. In the wake of a heated debate, as well as suggestions from the White House for the U.S. to follow soon, the FDA minority Pfizer campaign is targeting more than 65 people, at high risk and at work where most people are at risk of contracting the virus on a daily basis.

In general, their second shot should be at least six months ago, as in France, which was the first country in Europe to launch jabs more than 65 years ago. In the UK, temporary shots are offered to those over the top 50.

For Israeli health officials, the evidence is in pudding. Major cases are now less than five weeks old, the number of return tests has dropped by seven weeks and hopes for closure have disappeared. Schools have opened, more than 12 children are getting vaccinated and not receiving vaccines cause many of the most serious illnesses and deaths.

Chart showing that epidemics of disease, chronic illness and death are among the lowest among Israeli seniors who received more than those who did not

“It is good that the US and UK are giving encouragement to their seniors,” said a health worker, asking not to be identified for public speaking. “But it is a political idea not to follow the lead of Israel, not the medical profession. The fact that the vaccine is not effective after six to eight months is no longer a secret. ”

In Israel, encouragement is now needed – those connected twice more than six months ago should get a third jab to qualify for a health passport that covers access to bars, restaurants, public places such as museums and offices. many.

The other 3.4m took their third jabs, though about 2m and counting is worth it. “It’s dangerous, forcing us to get more vaccines,” said Etai Maltz, 38, as he waited outside the hospital with his wife for a shot. “If he wants to give it to the old or the bad, that’s one thing – then he’ll want me to shoot every month?”

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