Is ‘Screaming’ Even a Creepier in the Smart Gadgets Era?

This, it seems, is a new update Shouting (which is, confusing, so-called Shouting) has found its coolness. Mu two-minute cart the film, after the horrible ringing of her home phone, a girl is portrayed in a frenzy of fights with the smart locks of her house, something that should protect her. As they close, the killer, hiding in an unknown location, robs them of their weapons. He has already lost all power. Fear begins. Any defense is compromised.

With this one stroke, the audience is reminded why Ghostface has always been the villain of horror movies: He is a man. Unlike Jason and Michael Myers of the world, the person inside the garment has no spiritual power. They wander and murmur as they are attacked, and have no nails for Freddy Krueger. His only skill comes from the electronic equipment, which makes him sound and very dangerous.

So if the beast were to use modern technology, what dangers would it pose? We know that tech has already been used future violence. Domestic violence, that is especially for women, he can an increase in the use of technology and other technologies. There have been reports on social media about Women find Apple AirTags sticking to their cars after realizing that he was being followed by his companions.

First of all Shouting is the best for 1996. But to revive it now means it has to be very smart (and the license was already smart at the start). Whether this new episode will do this, and how, it still looks, but it is clear that it is not called Crying 5. Probably the whole point is to bring Sidney (and Gale, and Dewey …) to panic one last time before re-launching the franchise with a smart, very evil man.

Animals like Freddy cannot be defeated because they are not as alive as you and me. It can fall on the porches, be stabbed, or locked in a burning house, and quickly disappear when the viewer turns his head. That view is frightening, but it is also terrifying — that is Shouting affected — and that there are monsters that roam among us every day. The official image he says everything: He is always someone you know. Ghostface is a terrifying reminder that the killer can be a classmate, friend, friend. No matter how far we go, we cannot escape them.

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