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On October 5, a former member of the Facebook group for promoting social media Frances Haugen testified before Congress. In his almost two years Facebook, Haugen said, always sees the company prioritize growth above all else, which is detrimental to users and the entire team. They have long ignored the warnings of investigators about potential problems on the platform. And he had collected thousands of pages of internal documents, now known as Facebook pages– confirmation.

The documents were filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and submitted to Congress in a modified manner by a Haugen judge. The revised models were reviewed by a consortium of media organizations, including WIRED.

Wall Street Journal has already released a several issues based on some of the reports. But all the posts are obvious on the screen they contribute to the repeated failures of Facebook: how staff found solutions to major problems and he was not heard; how others are the same investigators left the company in a state of shock; how the biggest decline in prices was I felt very good in developing countries.

The following articles cover these topics, based on their Facebook posts and reports. Given the amount of documents — and the corruption that has already been heard on Facebook and beyond — they are probably far from final. As WIRED and others continue to paddle the piece, anticipate more revelations, and repetitions that may occur.

The internal audit documents provide a framework for resolving the company’s major problems.

The “badge notes” of those who have already researched the company provide a shared view of those who have lost hope.

Analysts and AI filters struggle to cope with the flood of events — or to understand the diversity of different Arabic languages.

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