In unexpected cases, a data identification method is essential

A global survey of 357 business managers, conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights and Amazon Web Services, shows that organizations of all kinds and in all industries understand the need to be guided by knowledge. Most importantly, they have learned that the most effective and effective way they can do it by accident.

The price of this type is front and center

The past year and a half has disrupted businesses in factories, largely due to the epidemic. The first suspension in March 2020 meant that many companies would have to stop investing in order to accommodate remote workers as they continue to evolve consumer transformation and market demand.

The good news is that, despite unprecedented problems, many organizations continue to grow. Instead, about half of those surveyed (45%) identified their companies as “thieves,” claiming to have promoted business over the past 18 months.

But it is not surprising that after this difficult period, many other organizations could do nothing but wait: the remaining 55% of respondents were able to continue their endeavors, run their own business, or simply not ‘shut down’.

However, whether organizations are developing, managing, or just surviving, there is no doubt that the power of knowledge is the key to all businesses that want to succeed. Nowadays digital, companies come together or have access to more information. Thanks to technology such as cloud computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), they are able to store, edit, analyze, and deploy all of these resources for use in a way that promotes business results.

As a result, there is a great deal of potential for business benefits from large knowledge sets. According to the survey, the most important companies are expected to benefit from it and make informed decisions (79%). They also want to better understand their customers and how they work (61%), provide better services and sales (42%), and use internal functionality (33%).

Companies also learned valuable lessons in the importance of data as they strive to remain competitive during the epidemic. Nearly four of the people interviewed for the study, for example, say they should look at other sources of information, including population, geospatial, and competitive. More than half (37%) review machine learning with the necessary analytics-technologies to extract the necessary information on their data. And 34% need help with the many numbers they get and do.

According to Thermo Fisher Scientific, a US biotechnology company with more than 80,000 employees in 50 countries, developing modern anti-science activities just to help customers speed up research, address diagnostic problems, fix infectious diseases, and increase the number of patients. laboratory. Through a strong and safe environment in which researchers and scientists can collaborate, research, and improve medical care, “we help our clients make the world a safer, cleaner, and safer world,” says Mikael Graindorge, chief marketing analytics and thermo analyst Thermo Fisher. The company seeks to provide the best and most efficient and effective customer service solutions to successfully complete their scientific research, he explains. “But in order to do this, we need more knowledge, which means the complexity of many things, so we need to increase the amount of money we save to keep our customers continuous.”

Work ethic is essential

Nowadays, data mining can be accessed by any organization, says Ishit Vachhrajani, a marketing expert at Amazon Web Services. But it does not happen overnight: having clear strategies, he says, is essential in helping decision-making and driving growth.

Vachhrajani says: “Data acquisition techniques are very important today.” “You can see the distance between companies that are moving faster and driving change on the way to find a better way to deal with companies that are going backwards.”

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