If Clouds Are Made of Water, How Do They Live?

Using the known characteristics of volume, volume, and gravity, this gives a power of 11.8 ounces, or 2.7 pounds.

Now, let’s replace the site with something that matches its size. But this time, suppose it is 1 meter of water and a quantity of ρwater = 1,000 kg / m3.

Since it has the same volume as the floating air, the block has the same relative strength. It does not matter what you put, if it has a volume of 1 m3, Will have the potential to boost newton 11.8. But for this water cube, it is not enough to float. The gravitational force of gravity will be enormous – with 9,800 new tons. The water cube just falls off.

In order for the buoyancy to be larger than the gravitational force, you need to fill the area with an object with a lower density than the air. There are two methods that can be used in real life. One is to use a small thin container filled with very low air. ‘(Think of a hot-tempered balloon.)

So if you want the cloud to float, you have to have a resolution that is lower than the sky. But how much lower would that be if the cloud had air! and water?

That’s because the clouds don’t really float.

Why is Water Growth Important?

Suppose a cloud contains air combined with a few drops of water. The size of the dots is important. You may be surprised to learn that even though they are all made of water and have the same shape, small dots do not look like big dots. To understand the differences between them, we must look at atmospheric resistance.

Let’s start with the show quickly. Stretch your hand out in front of you with your hand open. Now keep your hand back and forth so that your hand moves faster through the air. Do you hear anything? It may be smaller, but there must be a connection between your hand and the air, the force behind us which we call resistance or gravity. (You’ll notice it if you put your hand out of the car window).

We can apply air resistance to a moving object with this equation:

Example: Rhett Allain

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