How to Use Detox in Armpit + 5 Tips for Switching to Natural Oil

Many questions have recently come up about one of my (secret) FAV headlines: natural deodorant.

Why the change? How do you change (and not smell / smell)?

I’m happy to talk about this, because… ..

WHAT MANY PEOPLE RECOGNIZE (this is what I want most people to say):

Your skin absorbs EVERYTHING you put in it. Everything.

Deodorant is no different – and we wear it all hours during the day. And our armpits ?? It is a type of lymph node in nature. MUCH is affected by it and it is important to know what we are wearing on our skin, especially the area.

When you think of promoting any of your products, I think to myself deodorant is the best place to start.

Buuuuut, many people think that natural deodorants do not work. Smell, texture, how it is all small, fine…. amazing, at first.

(Like, hello, I’m with you there. I tried at least 25 before finding the one I love.)

Maybe you’ve even tried others, and you just feel like it doesn’t work. You felt sweaty / smelled better than before…. what does it offer


Did you know that most traditional deodies are actually antiperspirant? They are designed to shut down and block your sweat using a lot of chemicals (especially aluminum) to cover your natural sweat.

Many people may think that sweating is bad or “not normal” – but !!! It’s the # 1 way to lose weight! We WANT to sweat it out. WE WANT to sweat. That’s right, healthy.

They don’t just need to smell.

On the other hand, antiperspirant is neither natural nor effective.

So, step # 1?

Look for a non-aluminum deodorant and non-antiperspirant (or any other interesting word on the label) for your body to start producing what it needs to get out.

Yes, you may feel a little sweaty at first, but it shouldn’t smell bad. (There are many reasons why aluminum and other anti-depressants are dangerous, including overcrowding and crazy contact with breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, and more.)

Purpose: that you can identify everything that is on the mix page. As such, it can be clean enough to eat (not funny, this is how I measure the safety of my food and my belongings, but don’t worry, I can’t make you bite 🙂)

My top 5 tips for switching to natural deodorant:

01. Change your mind from bad sweat to better, healthier and healthier ones.

Sweat is good, and the only smell we don’t want! Which NATURAL scented substances it would help (trust me, it is the only one I have found that works, and I have tried… a lot more).

02. Find a product that works for you.

You know my vote (I love you all Especially the Pure spice– The tea tree is fragrant and probably my favorite, charcoal is good for a little extra, and blue tansy is best for the skin), but ask your friends. Ask around. Choose any scent you are attracted to first… Make sure you recognize its ingredients!

03. Give yourself 2-3 weeks to change. At least.

Everyone’s body is a little different. It can be anywhere from two days to two months.

Not only for newcomers, well yeah, it’s a little sweaty for you. But also to the mind that is needed. It is better to sweat. That it is human and natural. And that you get healthier when you break out in a sweat.

Also, there may be a “detox” phase involved in the 2-3 week window. Consider the amount of toxins that your old antiperspirants block and store inside your body. If you notice an extra odor / sweat for a while, consider it a good sign that you are changing and giving your body a chance to get rid of it all. Just give it a moment. This is a long-term move. Everything goes well after the first time, when your body changes. Over time, you will notice a slight odor and a slight irritation.

Be patient with yourself and don’t judge hastily because I assure you the section is over.

If you want to speed up the process, or switch from a natural deodorant to a natural one, try the following:

There is a natural mask that you can make your own holes that support the process of detoxing:

1 teaspoon of bentonite clay (I use my own Indian Healing Clay Mask)

1–2 tsp water

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (optional but helpful if you feel like you need a detox supplement).

Mix all the ingredients in a glass or ceramic dish (without the use of metal), and apply the mixture to your armpits. Leave it for 10 minutes (or longer, until it dries) and then rinse in the shower while wiping gently with a washcloth.

You can repeat this every day for a week (or as much or as little as you want) as you change. Clay absorbs dirt and toxins like a magnet, so this can quickly block things.

I promise that after the first session, the benefits are pretty good. It just takes energy, but I know you can do difficult things. 🙂

04. Let your sweat be a symbol of other areas of health.

Yes, there is a first phase of detox but if you feel that the smell doesn’t stop, I like to use it as a sign of what I can be doing and uplifting. When our body releases odors through armpit sweat, it is often a sign that we are not eating clean, whole foods, drinking enough water or eliminating toxins through exercise / healthy sweating. Take a look at these areas and let your sweat serve as a guide to your overall health.


Remember in elementary school when you couldn’t find enough deodorant in your armpit? Let’s leave those days mmk?

You just need it one, maybe two bright of natural deodorant to work. Remember: we are not trying to hide anything or ban anything (anymore). We want the sweat to be released easily. We just want it to be clear! A little or two swimming works, ladies.

It also helps to keep deodorant in your body for a few seconds before moving to “warm up” and make it less sensitive. You do not have a pile of lubricants in natural deod, so your body temperature can help you keep it going!

(PS, two swipes on each armpit a day? Talk about perfumes that last FOREVER. Another benefit of nature!)

Have you switched to Primally Pure deodorant and still feel irritated? I did, too, in the beginning. But it went, as my pits became healthy. Here are a few tips to help you right now:

1) Squeeze the armpit only at night.

2) Fill your pits with theirs Everything Check before you start your deodorant. It is a form of magic — and it can heal wounds, bruises, sores on the face or even spray on the face. Or any time you want to be refreshed. It is a great remedy for the skin, and the combination of apple cider vinegar and a few other things reduces the bacteria that cause odors 🙂 Spritz away!

3) Use a small amount of whole deod! As 1 swimmers. Or try moving a little ‘dab’ instead.

4) Make a detox mask under your arm to help your skin heal (recipe above)

4) Try doing 1x for free / week for your skin to change. I like to go without d when I exercise (home, okay), or on weekends.

Check out my favorite deodorant and make a change! I mean, there’s no better time.

I promise you will never regret it. And get 15% off your order with code ‘simplyrealhealth’!

  • my favorite is aromatic oils, tea tree and charcoal, but choose any fragrance that appeals to you (think of your favorite essential oils).
  • Or test their starting tools. Includes ALL my favorite: body butter (please vanilla almonds), spice of your choice, Spray Anything and two lip balms (cocoa and creamsicle are my favorites). You will never regret it, and all of this can take a very long time! It’s worth it.

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