How to Update Your Web Browser in Windows 11 (Instructions: Not Easy)

If you are starting launched a new version of Windows 11, you can see the most important changes: Setting up your default browser is now much more complicated than it was in Windows 10. Microsoft and no stranger to browser debates, and now it has placed confusing obstacles in your path if you want to use something other than its own unpopular Edge browser.

In Windows 10, setting up a new default browser was easy enough. If you install a new browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the app can make it your default and open the Settings app where you can do this with a few clicks. You can also search in your Settings to find “Default apps,” and click “Browser,” and select the browser you want.

Now, things are different. And depending on the type of Windows you have, there may be other obstacles. Here are some ways to improve your browser:

First, Touch S Mode (If Successful)

Some Windows devices are shipped in what Microsoft calls S Mode. This is a very closed Windows system where you can just install apps through the Microsoft Store, you can’t use legal tools, and Microsoft tools like Edge and Bing are not automatic, then that’s the only way.

Microsoft claims that this method is safer and more stable than other methods, and this is true. Evil that you download online may not go this way, for example. But it is very slow, and if you want to change your browser, you have to turn it off. You can do this by going to the Microsoft Store and searching for “S Mode,” where you will see lists that will help you.

Sorry, you are unable to restart S Mode, make sure this is what you want to do. The S option is great if you want to use your computer or tablet to lock it, like the iPhone. But if you want to change your default browser or install multiple types of apps, you need to leave S Mode properly.

Next, Change the File Browser for All File Types

Now it becomes strange. In the past, there was one way to change the default browser. But under the hood, this means opening several file types or links. If you have ever had a PDF file opened in Edge instead of Chrome, for example, you have seen how the default browser may be different depending on the type of file you are trying to open.

Instead of making the character compatible with all types of files, Windows 11 simply asks the user to select any option. This is very difficult.

Photo: Eric Ravenscraft

To change the default, follow the following:

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Applications> Fixed Applications. (If your browser encourages you to change the way you change, it can redirect you automatically.)
  2. Search for the name of the browser you want to be consistent with in the list of programs and select it.
  3. You will see a list of files or link types including http, https, ftp, htm, html, shtml, pdf, and more.
  4. Click on any file or URL you want to open with anything other than Edge, select your new browser from the list that pops up, and click OK.
  5. When you receive an prompt asking you to view Edge before switching, click “Edit.”

This can be frustrating and tedious, but once all your errors have been added to your new browser, you don’t have to go back.

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