How to Switch From Google Authenticator to another 2FA App

Remember that the codes you create with Google Authenticator are essential for accessing your entire digital account. If you lose access to these codes, you should switch to a way to receive a refund deposit – in a Google account, which could mean entering one of the deposits you made when you set up 2FA.

If you are ready and sure to switch from Google Authenticator to Twilio Authy, you need to make sure you have all the apps on your phone. Then you can start changing your accounts, one by one.

There are no known or fast ways here. It’s just a question of logging in to your account, temporarily disabling the 2FA section, and then replacing it with Authy instead of Google Authenticator. You will just be without 2FA protection for a few seconds before boarding with Authy.

Two-person preferences for Google account.

Image: Google by David Nield

Obviously, the exact process will depend on the accounts you use. For example, with a Google account, you need to activate it your account page online, select Security and 2-Step Verification, dinani Turn it off, Confirm your choice, click 2-Section Assurance again, and then click Get started. You will be taken to configure 2FA for your account.

Nowadays, Google likes to actively use your phone as a 2FA guarantee, but you’ll get a guaranteed app down the window when 2FA returns. Dinani Install, and eventually you will be shown a QR code, which you can search using the Authy app. In Authy, click Add Account Then Download the QR Code.

It is always a good idea to check if the login you exchange is working before moving elsewhere. To delete an account from Google Authenticator, click and hold, then click Bulu Lanyalala (right to left). Continue the list of accounts you have set up in this app, turn off 2FA and go through everyone.

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