How to Make Your Family Use a Privacy Policy

I meant to maintain my online safety for many years, but I pulled the trigger and removed it from any list, year after year. Until, in the end, the closure gave me time confidential secretarial research available, buy one to fill more people.

Thinking that I was doing good for my husband and my young son, I bought it 1 PasswordKind of a family so that we can all be protected. What I didn’t expect was that all of them could be used. I soon learned that this was normal.

Abrasha Staszewski, 1Password received for the first time, is an example. He bought a secret guard in January 2008 after hearing about this at a MacWorld show in his hometown of San Francisco. In the past it was not a subscription program; you have just downloaded the software into your computer. Staszewski installed it and started using it.

After the company offered a family-friendly program, they bought it, hoping to take his wife Maria Cristini and their two grown children. “I told Maria, ‘It’s easy; just remember one password, ‘but he wasn’t impressed. ”A few years later, Maria started using it, but“ she always complains that it doesn’t work. I think one of the problems is that when I put it on his phone, I put it under my account, and it was not properly connected to his computer. And his sons, one by one, rode upon there; the other one never did.

Howard G., from Washington DC, had a similar experience. She bought it Dashlane to himself and he was very happy with the trade. Then he tried to plan the family plan. “My wife found it difficult and did not want to use it; and was not part of my daughter’s college world. He loves Apple’s Apple Keychain. ”

Even an online security professional can have a hard time convincing his or her family to use a manager. Tom Alessi, CIPP, CISSP, and accredited CISM, have been a security expert for 20 years. MacPass, but he cannot change his wife.

If you face a similar situation at home, do not despair. The following tips can help you get everyone involved.

Open the Way

For Celia Tejada, who lives between San Francisco and Northern Spain, finding a family secret guard was essential. “My life is a mess. I travel a lot, and run a number of businesses. I had to adjust all the information to help my assistant. I also wanted the children 25 and 28 years of age to have access to other resources. ”

Instead of trying to seduce her, she decided to go along. “We didn’t want everyone holding hands and jumping on a train together. I jumped on the first train with my assistant; we set up all common knowledge. Later, when my sons called me and asked, ‘Mother, what is the password for this account?’ or ‘What is my Spanish passport?’ I just say, ‘He has a secret housekeeper.’ In the beginning they only used to get this, but now they are getting better at keeping their passwords. ”

Dashlane’s executive director, JD Sherman, also advised: The best way to introduce family members to a security guard is to start small and properly share well-known accounts, such as search or registration services. Then, your family can see the benefits of using a secret program (they will have a password even if you use it Privacy Change), and they can start looking at other aspects and changing their habits. ”

Consider Alternatives

The prospect of having passwords or login security did not appeal to my family. My 19-year-old son; he does not have much materially to worry about; My husband doesn’t like technology. I had to find another way.

We recently lost a relative and spent several months disrupting his digital and financial reputation. I explained that I set up a shared document in 1Password with the information necessary to make things right as soon as I passed, and encouraged my husbands to do the same. This was enough to get them to set up their accounts and for my husband to update their notifications and other passwords. I wouldn’t say they use the tool consistently, but they are slowly getting rid of it, especially my husbands.

Find Your Right Path

As a security expert, Alessi was accustomed to seeing what was going on under a professional company. “I know there is a fire every day, that’s why I’m like that.” For this reason, he wanted to be very careful. “I chose MacPass because it is an open source tool; therefore, in the event of any problems it would be identified, and fixed. MacPass is free; You download the code to your computer and take care of your storage. I feel secretive about my safety and security. However, it is not for everyone. It’s a lot harder than keeping a password at home all the time. ”

Alessi is using a solution that has been developed for people who want to have hands. For many people, as mentioned, a family secret officer who is overseen by security professionals trained to drive, fix bugs, and respond to items is a good thing. Other than that, not all of us are CISSP approved!

Have a Qualified Supervisor

While every member of the family can have their own password and personal information on the device, sometimes arrangements cannot be made, especially if there is a technophobe between you.

Mr. Thomas T., from Seattle, has decided to make some changes. He chose Big iCloud Wallet and he decided to keep only one secret between himself and his wife. He and his wife share and consolidate their finances, “which is why it made sense to share our passwords and our financial accounts,” he said. This made the installation easier, as his wife did not have to deal with setting up their account records or with a secret manager, other than remembering the password.

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