How to Make a PC: Hardware Tips, Tips, and More

If you have been force yourself not to do anything useful during the closure, do not. Sometimes nothing is needed. Sometimes, it’s good to do something with your hands. Here’s what the book says: how to make a PC from scratch.

It can be difficult for many reasons — it’s expensive, it’s complicated, it can be confusing. But I want to make it clear: If you can make an Ikea table, a bookshelf, a bed, or anything that comes in at least one of the most tricky things, you can make a PC. The hard part? I can’t tell you how to make your own PC. Not really. Unless I know exactly the tools you are using. I can, however, describe what each section does and what my thoughts are on each group.

Updated May 2021: We’ve added new tools in CPU, GPU, memory, and storage components, including Intel 11th-gen Rocket Lake processors and Nvidia 30 graphics cards.

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What do you want?

No matter what, you must use it PCPartPicker. Not only does it have everything you want to buy, it also gives you the opportunity to make your PC piece by piece right here on the page, making sure all your devices play well together. It also has a few examples where you can customize your preferences.

Regardless of the type of PC you are building (home-office or game), the items you want will be the same. You will need a box, a central cache (CPU), a memory, memory, power, case, and lighting. The only thing you will not need if you are using this PC for homework is the GPU (photo editor), but it is useful for converting photos or videos and games. That’s a lot of things. Here’s a little breakdown of what each component does, as well as some hardware assumptions.

But before you go inside, you should know that there is a world lack of PC tools at the moment, especially with photo cards, and all prices are going up. If some features are not available, the best advice we can give is to wait. Things will be back to normal.

Women’s box

Each section is connected to this board. It is the path they use to connect and connect. They come in a variety of colors and textures, and each one looks a little different, but they all fill in the same function. One thing to keep in mind: Make sure you know the processor you want to take with you before buying a motherboard. Women’s boards come in a number of accessories, but the most important thing to know is the type of socket you have.

There are two types, LGA and AM. You will always see them marked with a number after them, such as LGA1150 or AM3. The actual numbers after the LGA and AM socket parameters of the socket names have changed over time, reflecting the generation of Intel or AMD chips that support, but the standards available since 2021 (which will work with the latest chips from the manufacturer) are. Intel’s LGA1200 and AMD’s AM4.

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