How to Install Android 12 -and Get 12 Fun Features

It’s time for a change of Google phones. The most recent type is Android 12 and it has all kinds of variables, some large and some small.

Google’s Android uses more than 3 billion devices worldwide. You will find it at high-end phones from Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, OnePlus, and, naturally, lighting Google Pixel Line. The upgrades to Android 12 are a bit more advanced than the jumps, but some advanced features are hiding here. Before we get into these things, here’s how to get some updates for your phone.

How to Update Android 12

Not everyone will be able to download Android 12 immediately. Many manufacturers take months to produce major changes, often placing their form on top of the Google brand. But some tools can change now.

If you have Google Pixel 3 or newer, you can get Android 12 now. Soon, it will be available again Android One devices, and Google says it will arrive at Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Xiaomi, and Vivo devices later this year (many of which were part of the Android 12 Beta app). Before you start raising, it is always wise to return everything, so go ahead Settings> System> backup settings> back now. We have detailed instructions in our file How to Save Your Android Phone Settings.

To find out if you can download the app now on your Pixel, see Settings> System I find Advanced> System Change. It just has to look for the changes, but you can do it again See edits. Keep in mind that updates usually come out in a few days, so even the right phones can wait a while.

If you have an Android phone from another manufacturer, check out a website, forums, or social networking sites to find out when you can expect Android 12 to arrive. Many high-end Android phones We can expect to pass two years (Samsung’s S10 and newer phones can expect four), so if you bought the phone in late 2019 or soon, then you can get it later.

New Advanced Features

We’ve been arguing with Android 12 beta for a while, and this is our favorite 12. There are a lot of other little ones, and you can search in depth at Google homepage or Android 12 page for more information.

Image: Microsoft

1. New Appearance

The new look is the first thing you may notice about Android 12. Google has changed its language and created a clearer look based on its in-depth options. Your Needs it simply focuses on your editing, and is able to populate your palette on the images you’ve selected and use them throughout the program, from the window, app images, and shadow shadows to adjust the volume and widgets. These types also apply to their own applications, although they currently only work with Google applications. Highlights You are the first part of the Pixel, but it will be running all over the Android universe next year. The upgrade also includes large fast-changing tiles, bold vocals, and large fonts in the OS.

Fun and fluid, the new hand-drawn animation and its flexibility also help to harness the power. The user interface is more flexible than ever, and changes depending on the content and inputs. For example, a new distraction tool shows the time clearly but slows down the window when you receive new information, so you can know a little bit when something is waiting. For widgets, expect more than a dozen new and updated from Google by the end of October.

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2. Better Quick Settings

When you remove the notification shadow in Android 12, you will see that the Quick Update images above have changed. Old round photos have been round that show a lot (and are easy to paint). It now depends on your brand’s color, and you can customize the tires you want to see with the system. Google has also added Google Pay and Home upgrades, and offers you the ability to pay quickly or with smart home appliances. You can still use it to turn it off or off or to open it long enough to access the appropriate page.

You may not like to turn off Wi-Fi or data now are two ways since they are all integrated into one tile. Click, then click the button next to the carrier name or Wi-Fi network if you want to turn off one of them.

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3. Privacy Dashboard

Privacy is a big topic in Android 12, or Google is trying to keep it up. This is reflected in the new secret Dashboard. One view shows all of your permissions. It shows what is available, what programs, and how often in the last 24 hours. Long-term viewing enhances transparency and should make it easier to adjust what you share and return permissions that you do not need.

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4. Microphone and Camera Control

Carrying a device with a microphone and camera always affects privacy, which is why the icon to the right of the bar that shows you where the apps are used is welcome. Google has also added the option to change your microphone or camera on new devices in Quick Settings when you delete your information.

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5. Specific Location Detection Systems

The idea that third-party programs can be tracked by those who know what it is is confusing. Some programs, such as weather programs, have good reason to monitor your whereabouts, but they do not need to correctly data. This is why Google has added a new tracking system that gives you the opportunity to report in more detail or more closely. Now you can access local information without sharing your experience.

Similarly, Google has changed the Bluetooth license in Android so that the devices you connect to, such as headphones or smartwatches, no longer need to access your personal information.

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6. Weight Information

Notifications look clean and show an interesting change in Android 12. It is still possible but now it can be heavier, and clicking it gives you access to the app faster than ever. There is also an option for developers to protect window information by asking the users for authentication first.

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7. Graphic Design

Mobile developers such as Samsung and OnePlus already allow you to go beyond the visual effects and draw down to access the entire web page. Now photography is being installed in Android. You take a picture it was so in the past, but now it is here Draw more button. Editing tools and image description have been added, with the option to add text, Emoji, and stickers.

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8. Easy Wi-Fi sharing

You can already share your Wi-Fi password and QR code, but Android 12 makes it easier, in addition About button under the number that triggers it Proximity Android section away. It will record on any nearby device, and you can click on the devices you want to share more Wi-Fi without wires.

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9. Search on Device

Google has added AppSearch in Android 12; These search engines can search for content within apps and other features on your phone, such as Search Spotlight on iPhones. It works even before your device is connected. On Pixel phones, this method looks like a mixed browser in the app drawer. You can filter the search with Brief versions, People, Settings, and Pixel Tips.

10. How to Have One Hands

As the only way to access iPhones, single-handed models have become increasingly important as mobile phones have grown. You can turn it on Settings> System> One-hand mode in Android 12, and you can switch to any app to drag the top of the display down. This makes it easier to access the information and images with your thumb without using your hand. To exit, simply scroll down from the window or click on the top of the screen at the top of the app.

11. Better Games

There are several updates in the Android 12-only mobile app. Google has added Game Dashboard to Pixels which provides instant access to photos, screenshots and screenshots, YouTube streaming, and changing your windows per minute (FPS) per game. Some manufacturers have had a variation of this section for a while now.

You can also start playing other games with only a few downloads, instead of waiting for a full download, as you can on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Google has also allowed developers to prioritize things like battery life or performance in order to make people more selective in their choices.

12. Problems and Solutions

  • You can long press the power button to activate Google Assistant (most phones, such as Pixels, have access to the start / restart menu at the notification address). If you do not like this one, you can try it out Settings> System> Hands> Click and hold the power button.
  • The automatic adjustment is smart and fast, using the Pixel 4 front-facing camera and the new Google phones to quickly scan your face to determine the time around the game. The process is local, so it doesn’t send photos anywhere.
  • Haptic ideas can now be connected to voice, so music and videos can be very immersive, your cell phone preferences can cause your phone to vibrate in real time, or games can increase vibration so you can jump.
  • The Quick Tool is only for Pixel phones, but it allows people to touch the back of their Pixel to open notifications, launch apps, call Google Assistant, or take a screenshot (among other options). You can find it in Settings> System> Hands.
  • New Emoji designs are coming out and changing almost 400 existing Emojis.

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