How To Connect FaceTime Ringtones To Any Device

Now that we are they are all wasting a lot of time on videos, Apple has decided to make its FaceTime app available on more devices. With iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and MacOS Monterey this year, you can join FaceTime phones from a web browser, open for Android and Windows users.

The key word there is “joining.” Apple did not stop at helping users launch FaceTime phones from non-Apple devices or access the connection list. There is no official FaceTime Android app or anything like that – a simple web interface that you can skip from any browser.

With your updated iOS app, iPadOS, and MacOS, you’ll also see some changes to the FaceTime app as well: the Zoom interface is now available, as well as the background image for your phones. The most important change is the ability to join phones from any device, however, and it is not difficult to do.

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FaceTime now gives you the opportunity to create shared links.

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As mentioned, you still need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to launch the FaceTime phone — you can’t launch Android or Windows videos. Upload FaceTime to your Apple device, and instead of entering the number or email as you speak, select Create a Link on the contrary.

You get more options by sharing this URL (tap Add a name To give it a proper name.) You can download it from the clipboard, for example, or send it to another program such as Messages or Messages. If you do not share them immediately, it will still be available in the FaceTime app window, so you can share them later if you wish.

Anyone you provide this access to will be able to join your FaceTime phone – no security or password is required, even if you accept requests to join in the process. Any link you create remains active until you remove it, all you have to do is tap the info button next to the link and select Remove the URL.

You can join the import by clicking on the link you created, and then selecting Join them. If other students follow the link you shared, you will see a warning coming out asking if you want to accept them. If someone follows this link before making a phone call from your endpoint, they will see a support page (and you will receive a warning that they are trying to join).

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Getting involved with FaceTime phones may not be so easy.

FaceTime via David Nield

If you are joining a FaceTime phone from a non-Apple device, the process is simple: Click the FaceTime link provided, and you should see the FaceTime interface upgrade to your default browser (note that currently, only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge support FaceTime phones).

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