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“I always recommend two different tools for children: texting and word prediction,” says Martin. “Fortunately, technology has come a long way and is no longer cheap. Toolkits like phones, iPads, and Google Docs work very well. ”

The problem is that children do not try to use words when writing in class because they confuse other students, or are embarrassed to leave the hall. They can use headphones, but teachers often don’t like this technique in the classroom. Software that supports word-for-word prediction, spelling editing, and grammatical design such as digital writing.

Co: Author

Website, IneS, Chrome Extension

From Facebook groups to experts, Co: The author has repeatedly come across as an excellent writing tool for people with dyslexia and others who suffer from handwriting or mental illness.

Janowski loves Co: Author because you can create word libraries based on your content, or you can choose from existing ones. For example, you can choose Harry Potter’s library, and once you start writing Hog, Hogwarts will come. The program also plays a key role in detecting speech defects, such as black blk or elephant lfnt.

Pa $ 4.99 / month for students, parents, or teachers, the cost is minimal. School districts can also purchase a license for most students and can provide it free of charge while your child is in school. When you install this app or software, it only integrates with Gmail, Google Docs, and more.

Read & Write Google Chrome

Chrome Extension

My daughter’s special education supervisor read and signed up for Google Chrome on her school account, which is why I’ve had the opportunity to see how it works. The appendix uses tools such as window blinds (the only line that is readable and visible), simplicity (to summarize complex language), and speaking and representing spoken words when selecting words. My ten-year-old son walks like a professional, and the fact that the school gave him is the best.

The extras are great, but the premium format includes supporting Google Docs, in particular, a few quick reading options, large output, word chart, full-time dictionary and graphics, and word prediction. According to Google, the premium version is free for teachers to study and spend $ 99 on annual enrollment for student accounts.



Martin says Grammarly is shorter than most kids need, and looks 13 years or older, so remember. It is a cloud-based software that is compatible with Google Docs and has a Microsoft Word plug-in. The great thing about Grammarly is seeing how things revolve around words and can help you make some changes like yours if necessary.

The app also provides ideas to help you translate word sentences and add flexible sentences that can help you write. However, both forms are not available for free. You must upgrade $ 29.95 / month or $ 139.95 / year.


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Not everyone who suffers from dyslexia struggles with math, which is why the choices are not as extensive as the language programs. If your child is struggling with me, Martin and Janowski recommend the following.

Microsoft Math Solver

IOS, Android

This free app allows users to write a math problem on a screen or use their camera to take a picture of the problem. The software then provides the answer with step-by-step instructions on how to solve the answer. Students may use this illustration as a final guide to some of the challenges.

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