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So what’s the job that made you tell the story of the noir in the Twitter thread?

His job was to create a social media account that was posted on a social network and posted it within a week. We were asked to consider the potential for each platform and the number of people and how difficult it is to “get infected”. How do you attract an audience in the first post? What do you want to do? Can you support an online team? What are your “superior ideas”? How does the mechanics deal with the issue or not?

Does everyone use Twitter?

Some of my classmates are making jokes, TikTok movies, or Instagram posts. Several students also use Twitter but reveal their stories in real time based on the audience’s experiences (such as using votes and monitoring responses). There have been explosions to watch.

What did the real story encourage? Why metaverse noir?

Often when we talk about real worlds, we tend to watch cartoons or the beauty of cyberpunk. I wanted to do something that was not unexpected and different from that, and to give the audience a good reason to read. One of the things we discussed in class was to let the players feel like “they could touch the subject,” and the murder secret seemed justified.

What are the difficulties of reporting this type of story on Twitter?

There is no room for more than 280 characters. That’s why Professor McHugh’s advice was to make sure that every tweet felt like it could be interesting in its own right or to give enough attention that one might feel compelled to explore further. I knew I could use movies and TV archetypes and tropes to support the world I wanted to create and allow the actor to fill the gaps. I’m a big fan of shows like Command & Order, and I immediately looked at the habit of finding a “dead avatar” as a way to quickly connect a person. This is often the case with the first five minutes of the crime.

Anu old works focused on VR / AR. Was the Twitter thread a little different?

One of the ways to learn this course is to ensure that students can learn from the shape and platforms of the future. We do not know what the next game or social networking site will look like, so we would be prepared to do anything.

What do you think of all the challenges – especially the ones that are coming out? Facebook-pompano?

I’m fascinated by the amount of things that Facebook wants to put in “metaverse projects,” as well as how they feel about integration – ensuring that users can use mobile devices or PCs or the internet.

But as men wiser than I have spoken, Ready Player One and Snow damage with a bad dystopian future; I would not want to live in any of those countries. Hey, I’m not sure I’d like to live in the country I created. Fiction should not be a textbook, after all. And I would hate to see what happens – whatever it takes – to be controlled by one company.

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