Fujifilm Instax Link Lide Printer Review: Big, Beautiful Images

I can’t lie: I am a huge fan of Fujifilm Instax publishers. I like Instax Cameras too, but those have few use cases, and I usually don’t want to carry them. I like to shoot with my phone or camera without glasses, and print the photos on the Instax printer.

As much as I like Instax graphics, the original version is only 1.8 inches and 2.4 inches. It’s rare, and it’s not Polaroid. Instax’s built-in movie is very large (2.4 inches), but if you want larger Fujifilm Instax images (3.9 inches and 2.4 inches), you should buy a camera.

It was so far. The new Fujifilm Instax Link Wide smartphone app brings the company’s largest movie to the printer itself.

Instax for People

Photo: Fujifilm

My first Instax publisher was a freebie that has become an integral part of how I interact with people when I travel. It has also aroused interest in drawing my children. It’s not good, but there is something about printed magic that goes beyond its limits. It’s not a masterpiece worth painting, but it’s fun.

I still use my old ones Instax SP-1 printer. Art is a beautiful, small gift; they are also very interesting. I like to draw people, but I am not friendly, so asking someone to take pictures is difficult. It’s hard these days, for anyone to think you post your photo on Instagram. If you can tell someone you don’t want to hang out with them and give them a picture right away, you like to have a different conversation.

Even if you don’t want to travel or photograph guests, there is something in the gallery that creates a great connection between the photos and the image. You can’t just skip the next picture. Believe me: Make notes. You will be thankful along the way.

This is why I love the Instax Link Wide printer so much. It makes great Instax analogs, bigger. The 3.9-by-2.4-inch images are visually-clear with a large white border at the far end, though nothing stops you from printing a photo frame if you wish.

Except for the size, the Instax Link Global printer is similar to Fujifilm’s printer Mini Link. It is a gray (or white) nondescript box, which can be compared to three stored CDs. If you are under 30 years old, then 5.25 inches and 4.75 inches, and larger inches. There is a single button at the top to open and print the final image. At the back you will find a USB-A portable port (USB-C would be ideal). You put the video down, close it, and communicate with it via the app, connecting to the printer via Bluetooth.

Global Instax Software

Photo: Fujifilm

The new Instax Link Wide app iOS apps and Android is truly the heart of the Instax Wide printer. Fujifilm software is a mixed bag, but recently Instax has been growing. The new software is very similar to the Mini Link functionality that goes with modern Mini printers. However, its appearance is quite different, and in my opinion it is very clean and easy to navigate.

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