Everyone Needs Dune Memes This Week

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In the meantime, we here at WIRED need to be done writing about Dune. (Or we may be tired of it.) But to be honest, that’s not the case. We can write about the relevance of this book a global conflict and Burning Man or about residues and maxi pads, but when it comes Denis villeneuevevideo editing, still, uh, most of my. And the spice this week has become memes.

Unfortunately, due to copying, we are not able to post all of them here, but please trust us when we tell you that there has been a lot going on. Dune memes. Humorous snake jokes, terrorists playing on Joey Tribbiani’s “How you doin ‘?” line from My friends. (I “How you Dune?“Find? Oh, it was obvious? Don’t worry.) There was even one floating Shania Twain saying” Are you Maud’Dib? That doesn’t make me very happy. ” The real benefits of Arrakeen’s technology are circulating online right now, and it’s not too late.

Why? Because this week has been amazing. All the weeks are on the big flight in 2021, but this week it jumped from the Covid-19 vaccine shooting to the Considering that the earth is burning, let us go breaking several billion to President Biden and the Pope. And people are he is still speaking for Dave Chappelle and Netflix. Oh, and the 4-hour workweek is back. It has been, borrowing words, like riding a motorcycle.

Or, perhaps, the sand dune. And the fact that we can make jokes and believe that people know what they mean, shows a lot Dune has taken the zeitgeist in recent days. They are everywhere — in the sense and at the same time unreliable. It’s obvious why Dune and a great studio video, inspired by a major advertising campaign led by popular online experts Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet. Also: Dune is a book that has been loved by magicians for many years, and, well, crazy like making memes. However. On the other hand, Dune it remains an iceberg with oblique words and oblique words and is hard to dismiss as a big picture. Exactly DuneThe time has come, it would never come.

Credit Villeneuve for making a film that allowed this to happen. By the way, let’s say, David Lynch, who took a very stupid book and turned it into a movie that gives nothing but camp and Bites and high-quality underwear, Villeneuve made a video it took Dune as deeply as it took itself. And if there is one thing that the internet has in common, I am proud of it. It will take your professional (well-known) video and find ways to suit your Gom Jabbar. It will also turn your stupid worm into a worm to Wendy Williams. And within a week when Mark Zuckerberg had the courage to look the internet in the eye and question critics sing Facebook Meta, the pictures were very important.

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