During the Good Year of the VC, Mothers Are Still Struggling To Receive Money

In his early meetings, Colacurcio is said to have been judged for his self-defense at the outset, not for his future vision. In 2018, Harvard researchers he saw a similar phenomenon: Investors tend to ask men about what they can start, and women about their losses. As a result, the researchers concluded, starting with male founders five times higher than those with female founders.

Later, Colacurcio met Fern Mandelbaum at Emerson Collective, a fundraising company founded by Laurene Powell Jobs. Mandelbaum, who has a history of self-reliance on women, gave Syndio his first contract. Afterwards, Colacurcio says things have started to improve: “Once you start using the network, everything becomes easier.” Now, the launch has raised $ 83 million in total.

Because early fundraising comes at the forefront of social media, many providers have advocated to address the issue of female inclusion by creating more female VCs. According to All Raise estimates, 65% of VC companies do not have a single sales mother. For this reason, the agency has implemented one of its goals to promote women in VC who can write checks. In 2018, 9% of such VCs were women. Now, it’s about 14 percent.

Some women in the VC are volunteering to spend money especially on those who started women. The Women Founders Fund, sponsored by Melinda French Gates, closed $ 57 million in July, becoming the largest seed fund especially for women founders. Anu Duggal, co-founder of the Women Founders Fund, says it was designed to help women who are promoting their first phase, when the impartial bias should be evident. “We all know if you can’t afford it, it’s hard to make this $ 1 billion business,” he says. Events include startups such as Rent the Runway, Maven, and Billie, all of whom will continue to see great prices. Duggal believes that his views on women “have come back to haunt them, if they never come back well.”

Some female founders are frustrated with the idea of ​​being part of a “women-only” program. “As a woman, I would like to stay away from money changers who are entrepreneurs because of gender. I want people to know that I am one, “said Jean Yang, founder of Akita Software. the idea that men and women are disabled. “If your teacher tells you to lose, then what’s the point of playing?”

“Making money is not always easy, but I’m not saying that this is because of gender,” said Meirav Oren, founder of Versatile, a founder who uses learning and AI technology in construction. He believes that all forms of fraud can affect if a money seller deals with the founder, but that the best startups have found a way. Earning money comes from knowing how to answer difficult questions, Oren says, especially the “self-defense” question that women can get from money changers. “It’s very instructive.”

If so, then the differences between men and women in VC funding can be reduced by training as many founders as they can. Recently, a number of technology programs and accelerators have been found to do just that. The Female Founders Alliance is running a women’s running program to launch, and Google’s first accelerator has announced a 10-week program this year specifically for women startups. By this year, All Raise is offering “working hours” for women to find answers in their fields, and start “bootcamp“This year to educate women on the initial assessment of organizations. (The items are free for everyone.)

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