Do You Feel Afraid of the Weather? You are not alone

FALSE: Another problem is the growth of climate change. Hopefully, in the future and in the very future, things will get worse before things get better.

SC: I think it’s important. We did this great youth survey around the world, so 16 to 25 people. And I bring it up because they are the ones who are facing this great future so much. And to some extent, they have expressed the feeling that things will get worse — they will never have the opportunity that their parents had, that things that they consider good are threatened. She does not know if she should have children. And even many people agree with the statement “People will be destroyed.”

FALSE: Something that you and I have has already spoken has a sense of the natural sadness associated with the devastating California fire. What is that?

SC: It’s fun to talk about grief because anxiety is self-inflicted: I worry about myself, and worry about what will happen to me. But grief is just another guideline – it just involves loss. That is why you are showing this awareness of the importance of something that has already been lost or that you are expecting to lose.

And for many people that is the place that was most important to them. It can be even idea of the place. Thinking of California as a place where I hate people – it’s probably very powerful, but you understand what I’m saying. This is the loss of this sense of what it means to be California.

FALSE: I was looking forward to talking about the problem of depression here, especially in the event of a natural disaster, especially among children, who may not have the psychological tools to deal with such things.

SC: We are particularly concerned about children, as there is evidence that they may develop anxiety after an injury. And I think here, because I’m not a pediatrician, but I think it’s probably because safety is so important for children. They need to learn the basics, the basics of the world. That’s why we have such a confusing, confusing environment that interferes with the ability to create security.

There is some evidence that abused children at an early age can play a significant role in coping with stress as adults. Because children grow up in many ways — mental, physical, and psychological — these first effects can have long-lasting consequences.

FALSE: Like many climate change factors, those with limited access have suffered greatly. The rich can – they can move to another house. The poor and the marginalized will be especially vulnerable to climate change.

SC: I think that’s right. There is ample evidence of this. And I think it’s important to shed light on it because sometimes people will feel like environmental issues are high – that you have to be rich to worry about environmental issues. But the truth, especially when it comes to climate change, is a social issue. It adds to the futility, and poor people and developing countries are already affected. And this will only get worse. And, there you are data This shows that, in the US – I have never seen such global data – but in the US people of color are very concerned about climate change.

FALSE: It is important to specify the file of the heat of the island. As a result, in cities, temperatures often plummet, and heat may quickly subside at night. This has been one of the rarest things that researchers have shown, the poorest regions they prefer warmer temperatures than rural areas. As more and more people move to the big cities around the world, how can such heat be a problem?

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