Democrats offer a compromise on vandalism this weekend at the end of the war

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Democrats say they are willing to lower the $ 3.5tn bill on Joe Biden’s signature to boost economic security in the United States, after days of fighting that threatened to undermine the president’s financial position.

Party leaders have given members one month to agree on the package, which is set to continue immediately with the $ 1.2tn bilipartisan bill. Meanwhile, the whips are also trying to form alliances between the parties to promote them US debt before the tragedy at the end of this month.

Leading Congress delegates – Pramila Jayapal, a Seattle delegate, and Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator – say they want to work with their most caring allies.

Jayapal told CNN: “It will be between 1.5 [trillion dollars] is 3.5, and I think the White House is working right now. Because, remember, what we want to offer is child care, paid vacation and climate change, housing. ”

Joe Manchin, one of the two Democratic Democrats who wants the smallest of the economy and climate change, has said he does not want a package of more than $ 1.5tn. Sanders on Sunday told NBC that “it was a good start to the conversation”, adding: “It’s a big deal, and it can’t happen fast.”

However, he told ABC News that the low bill of $ 2tn – photo Biden says he floated for Democrats on a rare trip to Capitol Hill on Friday – it could be “inadequate”.

Dick Durbin, a Democratic Senate candidate, said party leaders were not married to the $ 3.5tn number. “I just want to make sure we get the right results,” he told CNN. “It’s not a very big number, but a very useful number to help families economically move forward with care.”

Progressives have stated they will not run in the by-elections without voting. And on Friday he left as House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi thought do not bring construction costs to the vote where there was disagreement on the other package.

This idea provoked outrage from the Democrats over the weekend. Kyrsten Sinema, another senator in the Democratic Republic of the United States who refuses to pay back social security payments, called them “irrational and very frustrating”.

Biden has tarnished his reputation in order to participate in deals at Capitol Hill, and is now being tested not only on his huge financial obligations, but also on various tests to raise the debt.

Economic prices in the US fell Friday as the finance minister was concerned if the divided Congress would approve raising the ceiling in time to avoid past instability. Janet Yellen, secretary of the Treasury, has warned that the Treasury department will have a mechanism to repay US debt if the agreement is not finalized by October 18th.

Democrats may vote to raise their debt on their own, but they want Republicans to reverse the election so that it does not deteriorate. Durbin on Sunday criticized Mitch McConnell, a Republican leader in the Senate, for “playing the game with a full-blown weapon” for threatening to use a filibuster to stop a debt that is being raised.

Biden admitted at the weekend that the DRM service could be frustrating, saying: “Everyone is frustrated. It’s part of being in government – frustrated.”

The president will leave Washington this week and travel around the country to encourage people to contribute financially.

And throughout his risky financial career, he went on to say later this week that he would still find a consensus on all three of them – $ 3.5tn Build Back Better money, a budget bill and a loan.

“I hope I can do this,” he said on Saturday. “I hope, once the American people know what’s in it, we can do it.”

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