Dave Chappelle, ‘Squid Game,’ is a Challenge

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It is a question one can ask at any time, but perhaps this week more than most: What is happening to Netflix? After months of losing culture to fighters such as HBO Max and Disney +, the giant tower currently has two exhibits-Game of squid and Dave Chappelle’s special jokes, Closer-Explaining zeitgeist. It must be on top of the earth. But it can’t stay out of the mess.

Much started last week when the project began Closer. Like previous Chappelle professionals, it just shot up at the top of the game. Also like some of his previous actions, it didn’t come without a blowback-this time, thanks to long jokes trans trans jokes. (We will not repeat it here, but suffice it to say that many in this region have received their comments painful and harmfulWhen the show started, several people-including Employees at Netflix-He criticized the decision-making process for a special offer. In response, a colleague of the company Ted Sarandos sent a memo, available to Variety, to co-workers who say “you should know that talent can be involved with other people to ask us to remove the shows in the coming days, which we do not.”

The answer is not surprising at all – Netflix has been the subject of controversy and controversy in the past – but the interesting thing was Sarandos’ ideas. “Chappelle is one of the most popular comedians these days, and we have a long-term relationship with her,” he wrote. “Like our other talent, we work hard to support their freedom of expression – even if that means there will always be content on Netflix that some people believe is dangerous.” He referred to movies as It’s expensive and it shows if Reasons 13 Reasons as examples.

Fame, of course, is the whole industry business. But sometimes they seem special Closer which is well known, and sometimes its manifestations as Game of squid, which this week hit 111 million viewers in 17 days, making Netflix a “the largest of all set. ”One, Game of squid, yes, absurd, and fictional — if any, its dystopian form and flight of opposition. One, Chappelle’s uniqueness, is about real people who live real lives – and it shows what can happen in the quest to attract people. This is probably one of the best and worst of Netflix’s efforts to keep as many viewers as possible.

Because a show like Closer it can be very interesting as a show like Game of squid it’s simple: Sometimes people like things that hurt others. Thousands of people, perhaps millions of people, will vote in opposition to LGBTQ, and the same number reflects the same views. (And rejoice–Closer It currently owns 96 percent of shows on Rotten Tomatoes and having a 43% share from critics.) The problem, then, is that Chapelle not only tells jokes about exchanges, but that people who have been discriminated against (by friends, family, and friends) are now on the verge of Seeing many others laugh at them — and wonder if they laugh. that comes with mercy or evil. Sarandos is right in saying that “the distinction between commentary and negative is difficult, especially with representative jokes that set boundaries.” But should the situation make violence more harmful, or should it make the religious movement against evil more than adequate? Nevertheless, the fact that the term is popular remains a mystery.

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