Costco’s Most Heavy & Luxury Items: Food Sales

Can we surprise you that Instacart will now save from Costco ??? Make no mistake about it, these women love to sell groceries. There’s nothing more peaceful than just walking down the aisle slowly, in the mornings on the weekends and carrying the keys to my kitchen.

But with growing babies (x2) and full-time business and constant craziness of LIFE for many…. the shopping malls are small and medium-sized. As a result, food marketing has become one of my favorites.

Worth it: check. Time saving: check. Healthy choices? LOOK.

In another season of life I’ll be back on my peaceful adventure tour, but for now, it’s a quick thing to get in or quickly get out of the internet to get delivered.

More time to seduce my children at home? I could have them. 😉

And Costco has it a lot of processed foods and durable items that are great for making it easy to cook well.

You will know me. Anything that makes my life easier and allows me to eat (and serve my family) healthy, fast food = GOAT. True, genuine.

So if you have Costco nearby and need to refund, make sure you add the items below to your list!

Additionally, check out my short video below to learn more about Costco:

Costco’s best things to order / carry:

Easy Crackers (gf)

Coastal cheese

Beecher’s cheddar cheese

Apples of things

Blue blues

Organic berries

Organic bananas

Natural spinach

Acne mainly affects people

Broccoli spots

Cucumbers for eating

Hummus-single cups serve (best for anywhere carry)

San Juan Salsa (excellent salsa)


Multigrain gluten free fruit or soft chips

Dry almonds

Unsighted candles

Cattle fed on the ground

Chicken breasts

Adele organic chicken sausage

Suja’s green soup

Primal Kitchen mayo

Primal Kitchen Soup bbq

Wild Planet wild game

Rao tomato sauce

Almond flour

Maple eggs

Almond oil


Kerry butter gold

Physical quinoa

Wheat-free granola

Organic coconut juice

Olive oil

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