Comment by Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio: Awesome

Where the Surface Laptop Studio is most interesting is when you climb on the Core i7 models, which receive Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. The cheapest is $ 2,100, and you can keep adding RAM and SSD space until you reach the top level with 32 gigabytes of RAM and a 2-terabyte SSD for $ 3,100.

The model I tested features a Core i7 chip with 32 gigabytes of RAM and a 1-terabyte SSD, which costs $ 2,700. It’s a lot of money, but it’s in the same ballpark as we described exactly Macbook Pro and Dell XPS 15.

No matter what color you choose, you get the most impressive look I have ever seen. It is 14 inches wide, with 2,400 x 1,600 pixels, measuring 197 pixels per inch. This isn’t as dangerous as the 4K Dell XPS 15, but either way I didn’t notice the difference. Like all other tools above, the Laptop Studio interface has a 3: 2 factor ratio.

Where the Laptop Studio screen is different from everything in the consumer market (except the new one Drawings Above 8then a 120-Hz refreshing display. You can read our a guide to refreshing prices on the window spy on what it means is what you want, but the short story is that hand-drawn animations and well-connected systems, once in the realm of high-speed machines, are now available on regular laptops. The results are obvious. Windows 11 on Laptop Studio is fantastic. I’m not selling a bit on Windows 11, though. More on that in a minute.

Which is amazing as the functionality is a cover and the battery life. The studio can always work all day and monitor for about 12 hours on our open video battery test. It’s not 18 hours that Microsoft says, but it beats XPS 15.

Noise is also a representative part of the above. It has four speakers, plus subwoofers, and it sounds great. Trackpad is the best I’ve ever worked on, bar none. It’s big, has good hand support, and has haptic responses that make it feel like you’re pressing a button even when you’re not.

Windows Tablet Problem

Windows 11 is progressing slightly, and almost the same amount back. You can read our version of Windows 11 to see the latest as well some of the problems. A major problem with Laptop Studio’s concept is that almost all computer software is not configured in Studio Mode. Not that you can’t use apps like Adobe Illustrator or Lightroom, but they don’t have the best features for their iOS tablet.

The interesting thing about the iPad is that the apps are forced to deal with the complexities of the tablet app. The interesting thing about Laptop Studio is that the software doesn’t have to deal with the degradation of the iPad. Somewhere in the combination of the two different trees is necessary, but no machines are still available.

It’s tempting to think that using Android apps in Windows 11 would solve this, but if you’ve ever used an Android tablet, you know you need to rest. A laptop with a removable screen that starts running on Android when you uninstall it and go back to Windows when reconnected, all without locking your apps or interrupting your work, sounds remote. The same goes for tablet optimization on Windows 11.

The world has compromised, and Surface Laptop Studio revolves around the lines of these devices more than anything I’ve ever used. It’s not perfect, but for some kind of user, it’s as close as you can right now.

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