Cloudflare Is Not Eligible For Advertising Websites That Shoot Hawk

Cloudflare is not Guilty of violations of post-security and security websites, a federal judge ruled yesterday.

Cloudflare was was arrested in November 2018 written by Mon Cheri Bridals and Maggie Sottero Designs, two clothing designers and weddings who claim Cloudflare was guilty of human rights abuses because they did not end up with web pages that contradicted what the costume designers were wearing. The companies wanted to sue, but Judge Vince Chhabria yesterday suggested Cloudflare a summary of the case. to judge in the U.S. District Court in Northern District in California.

Chhabria said the dressmakers have been harmed “by the proliferation of fraudulent retailers who sell knock-on dresses using images of criminals” and that they “followed the culprits in a number of cases, but to no avail – every time the website is closed properly, a new one takes its place.” “In an effort to stem the tide of crime, plaintiffs are now pursuing a common denominator for many offenders: Cloudflare. Opponents claim that Cloudflare contributes to the violation of human rights by providing violators of storage, shipping, and security violations. Cloudflare is responsible for the violation of personal laws, the appeal of the plaintiffs’ decision to be summarized and Cloudflare’s proposal for a summary judgment. ”

As the verdict answers a major question in the case in favor of Cloudflare, the judge convened a hearing on October 27 “to discuss the balance in the case.”

Hundreds of Fraudulent Websites

The companies’ lawsuit said that “they are two of the world’s leading designers and sellers of young dresses and costumes in the United States” and “have produced some of the most unique weddings in the world.” It owns the copyrighted material and graphics of its design.

Many websites that sell fake dresses are operating from China, the lawsuit said. In addition to Cloudflare, an modified complaint named 500 “Doe” representatives whose names were not released. The lawsuit alleges that Cloudflare’s claim that any violation of the law justifies termination of employment is that “CloudFlare’s policy is to investigate violations of these laws and to prosecute those who violate the law repeatedly.”

The plaintiffs claimed to have used a vendor called Counterfeit Technology to access more than 365 websites that use Cloudflare, including,,,,,, missydress , and The plaintiffs allegedly sent Cloudflare thousands of notices, and often up to four notices of the same site violating the law, but “Cloudflare ignored these notices and took no action when they were notified of violations on its client page.

“In particular, even though you have learned about infringement and infringing websites through adversely proprietary notices, Cloudflare continues to maintain, maintain glasses, and maintain infringing websites and infringement on its data center servers, and Shipping on request for their infringement records for visitors. they are opposed to illegal websites, “he said. “Cloudflare’s offerings allow web browsers that come to hacking sites to access and download websites and content much faster than if the user was forced to access malicious websites from their Cloudflare subscribers.”

The protesters protested that Cloudflare would have eliminated financing of these websites, blocking people traveling via the Cloudflare network from going to websites, “and restarting[ed] its firefighting settings so that users who want to find the error are sent to a blank page. “

Cloudflare: ‘Criminal Cases for Big Misunderstandings’

Machine he objected that the plaintiffs “brought the charges based on a serious misunderstanding of Cloudflare’s activities, the doctrine of human rights violations, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, all in pursuit of legal malpractice that had nothing to do with the alleged problems.” , “Cloudflare told the court.

Cloudflare added: “Cloudflare is not the same as search engines and your own networks [US Court of Appeals for the] Ninth region has found itself to be ‘extremely aggressive.’ While Cloudflare’s services protect against malicious content and provide long-term redundancy by downloading an existing webpage, the services of the Seventh System also helped visitors find errors they would not otherwise have found. There is no ‘easy way’ that Cloudflare has failed to address other issues in this regard. Unlike service providers, Cloudflare would not be able to remove content that violates the Internet, and there is no doubt that these images would still be available on the hosted pages without Cloudflare’s services. ”

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