China is raising sea voyages to Taiwan’s protected area after drilling in US-led drilling

Tensions around Taiwan escalated on Monday as China sent 52 fighter jets to the US-based defense base and five allies after a series of naval missions in eastern Taiwan.

Meet, he announced and the Taiwan Defense Ministry on Monday night, included 36 fighters and 12 nuclear warplanes. It marked the third time in four days that the People’s Liberation Army had formed a new one reputation flying at an airport in Taiwan, bringing the entire 145-plane show from Friday.

Taiwanese officials say that while it appears that Chinese warplanes that entered their airspace on Monday held exercises in the U.S. and their allies, much of what the PLA did near Taiwan came to a standstill. “This is nearing the end of the conflict,” an official told the Financial Times.

According to a words From the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force released on Monday, the U.S., Japan, UK, Canada, Netherlands and New Zealand navy carried out major missions carrying three aircraft and 14 other warships on Saturday and Sunday southwest of Okinawa.

Two people familiar with the matter said Chinese airlines are likening the attacks on other ships to taking part in drilling down their entrances and departures or new missions.

Taipei on Monday ordered China to end its “repression” immediately. “Beijing’s refusal to give up the war against Taiwan and the frequent harassment by the military violates the law of peace in international relations,” said the Mainland Affairs Council in Taiwan, China’s legal entity.

The crisis is exacerbated by the fact that the US and other allies and allies are developing their alliance in the Indo-Pacific in response to China’s brutal use of its growing military power.

Aukus, a new security agreement announced last month when the US and UK provide Australia with nuclear weapons, will enable Australian military to work in the region to help prevent China. Beijing said he rebuked agreement.

China says Taiwan has its share and threatens to invade if Taipei refuses to submit.

The air raids are imported from airports in the country and are designed to give security forces more time to detect and counter air raids.

The PLA has been sending warplanes to Taiwan’s ADIZ about 20 days a month since Taipei launched its public declaration in September last year. Although there are many days when only one or two pre-warning or anti-aircraft ships enter the area, incidents take place and include fighters and bombers as Taiwan sells foreign or if there is a U.S. war nearby.

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