Change of Facebook Name to Meta

From Wall Street to Main Street Capitol Hill, everyone is crazy on Facebook. The company has been on fire since its inception internal documents leaked highlighting its efforts to prevent real harm to the world, from the political upheaval to youth suicide. Everyone has Facebook comments, and nothing is good. That’s why now Mark Zuckerberg wants you to talk about something.

“Nowadays, we look like social networking companies, but in our DNA we are a company that develops the ability to connect people,” Zuckerberg said at the company’s Connect conference Thursday morning, where he unveiled a list of innovations and aspirations. around metaverse. “It’s time to take on a new type of company to integrate everything we do, show who we are, and what we hope to do.” He then announced the company’s new name: not Facebook, but Meta.

Facebook is one of the most popular brands in the world, and Zuckerberg’s success is excellent. In 2019, he hit the Facebook name on some of his company’s products-Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus – remind people that Facebook is not just Facebook, but a “family of apps.” But now, Zuckerberg said Thursday, “our nation is so closely linked to one thing that it cannot represent everything we do today, let alone in the future.” The new name is meant to signify that future: which is devoid of human nature, and beyond all bad news.

Companies tend to call themselves names for a number of reasons. Sometimes the name change reflects new business interests, such as when Apple released the iPhone and stopped calling itself Apple Computer. In some cases, it reflects corporate restructuring, such as when Google re-branded itself; Larry Page became CEO of Labels, not Google, explaining his leadership more than just searching. In some cases, the company seeks to separate itself from the polluted race, as cigarette maker Philip Morris named Altria in 2001.

Facebook redesign as Meta has all three other features. The company wants to describe itself as a “metaverse” company, not just a media product. And Zuckerberg wants more useful information on the latest, rather than the Facebook app. The company is also looking for a way out of the past few years where everyone is playing on Facebook, a name that is synonymous with mistrust and suspicion (not to mention). conspiracy theories and killing people).

But if the company wants to go beyond the years behind Facebook, it needs to do more than just give itself a new name. “A brand is the number of choices and processes described in words, actions, names, images, digital interactions, and many other things — not just verbal,” says Anaezi Modu, founder and CEO of Rebrand, who advises companies on. color changes. If Meta still looks like Facebook, looks like Facebook, and runs its business like Facebook, then people should see it as Facebook.

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