Another Global Epidemic Is Spreading – Among the Pigs

Outbreaks of disease flowers in China. As it turns out, far from the eyes of any research scientist, no one can explain. It spreads rapidly, kills many people, controls cold and trade, and destroys resources. Ride on trips around the world, around the world. There is no cure, no vaccine. Undoubtedly, it arrives in the United States, in July 2021.

Yup, 2021. The year is not typo. This explosion is not a Covid; and a similar, hidden, deadly plague of African swine fever has been identified in the Dominican Republic in July. Pig disease in Africa is not a threat to humans, but it is a threat to livestock: The death toll from China was millions of pigs, about a quarter of a year – and maybe half-It’s a whole bunch of pig producers in the world.

In the United States, animal health officials are now alert. The U.S. Department of Commerce has promised that Emergency use of $ 500 million to continue monitoring and preventing the spread of the disease. Pig disease in Africa is feared worldwide, if found in the US, pork-export is essential more than $ 7 billion year-closes immediately.

“The long-term spread of infectious and contagious diseases is a serious problem,” Michael Ward, epidemiologist and chair of the University of Sydney, told WIRED via email. “In terms of agriculture, it’s the same with Covid-19.”

As the Covid epidemic began, there is no vaccine – and like Covid, there is a single hope, thanks to early science that has been researching for years unchecked. Two weeks ago, an international team led by scientists at USDA’s Agricultural Research Service announced that it was he found a man who needed a vaccine.

The vaccine is being developed by a business partner, a Vietnamese company called Navetco, on an undisclosed basis. It is a file of Fifth trial vaccine produced by the USDA team. (The first four are being developed by private companies that no longer work with the government.) “As far as we know, we have Africa’s most advanced vaccine in the market,” says Douglas Gladue, a medical expert who is one of the manufacturers.

A slight setback: Africa fever pigs are a long-standing enemy of agriculture. Although it has damaged China’s industries, China is not the source of the disease. The story of the pig pigs in Africa begins in Africa, about 100 years ago.

The Scottish physician Robert Eustace Montgomery, who worked for the British colonial government in East Africa, made his first statement, in September 1921. Montgomery reported the spread of hemorrhage in domestic pigs that was destructive to the “owner”. they must be prepared for a total loss, ”he wrote.

The new virus, which is caused by HIV, has become a regular partner in East Africa. Wild boars and pigs are kept and from time to time breeding animals; likewise other species of ticks that feed on pigs. Symptoms are the same: Pigs develop malaria, loss of appetite, bleeding under their skin and internal organs, and collapse. Whenever there was a plague, it burned with the herd and killed all the pigs or was extinguished while the farmers killed their pigs to stop. Early beekeepers found that nothing could stop them except for the pigs being confined instead of letting them move, and building fences strong enough to protect the wild pigs.

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