A US inspector reviewing Bezos space group Blue Origin concerns

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The US Federal Aviation Administration says it is looking into security concerns raised by 21 of its current and former partners. The Origin of Blue, exploration firm Jeff Bezos.

Mu post published Thursday, the workers described the so-called minor failures, including sexual violence, overwork and security precautions, such as Bezos running for billions of friends including Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson to take control of the area.

“At Blue Origin, the common question at conventions was, ‘When will Elon or Branson fly?'” He said.

In response, officials said: “The FAA is examining all security cases closely, and the agency is reviewing this as well.”

The message was written by Alexandra Abrams, Blue Origin’s chief communications officer, and 20 other unnamed individuals and former employees of the company, including its technical teams and staff.

“When Jeff Bezos went into the air in July, we didn’t enjoy it,” it said. “On the contrary, most of us have looked on in horror. Some of us could not stand it at all. ”

The conference also said that workers, especially women, are being held accountable for their “actions” and sometimes “inappropriate” actions from other leaders.

He also said the unnamed chief executive once said to a group of female allies: ‘Ask for my opinion because I am a man.’ of misconduct, the post said.

Expressing the previously reported concerns of the Amazon ruling party, Abrams and his co-accused Bezos to create a team at Blue Origin that was “very masculine and pure. 100% of professional and software executives are men.”

By e-mailing, the company defended its reputation. “Blue Origin will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. We offer a wide range of services to employees, including an anonymous 24/7 connection number, and will actively investigate new cases,” it said.

“We represent our safety record and believe that New Shepard is the best airless vehicle ever designed or built.”

The company also claimed that Abrams “was fired for two reasons years ago after repeated warnings on foreign policy”, according to a spokesman. Abrams denied this to CBS News.

A Bezos representative did not submit a request for comment.

The line is the most recent case of Blue Origin, which paid all the bills with Bezos to sell its shares on Amazon.

The company took part in a public demonstration with Musk’s SpaceX as he and Bezos competed against the same Nasa alliance, with SpaceX coming at the top.

Following a presentation by Blue Origin in a lawsuit seeking to ban Nasa’s award from SpaceX for a month-long project, Musk earlier this week told reporter Kara Swisher: “You can’t go to the moon, no matter how good your advisers are.”

In response, Amazon spread out among journalists page document 13 to explain the cases that SpaceX brought.

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