8 Best Tips for iPhone for Android Users

Seven years ago, While working for a Puerto Rico radio video, the director told me that he liked the videos I shot on my smartphone. The problem was I couldn’t figure out how to remove the phone. My gadgets – the Android phone and the Apple laptop – were in the war, as was my family. I thought, “Doesn’t everyone agree?” But no, it doesn’t work that way.

I had to use a software bridge to transfer between the phone and the computer and every time there was a “upgrade” on both sides the change would not be guaranteed. I loved it First Leader, Transfer Android files, whatever I find. Nothing worked seamlessly, especially with large files. A roommate asked me, “Why do you live in two universities?” When I think he is referring to the fact that I recently left my husband at another contract, he means: Why did I have a Nokia phone and a MacBook Air?

Shortly after the shooting, I dropped my husband off but I had seven LG phones while their cameras and videos were still growing. On any group tour, everyone would agree to take pictures, since my camera was better. It seemed necessary to work hard to keep the two positions because the race was so high.

Earlier in the day, the video director for Discovery Channel told me that they had switched to the iPhone12 Pro Max. Recently, LG has announced that it has abandoned the mobile phone business. I asked myself, “What would make my life easier?” I’m going to Costco to pick up a new phone. I knew that exchanges were difficult but I told myself that Costco always takes things back, and goes out with them. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max Max.

My iPhone friends said, “Welcome to Darkness,” as they eagerly await my tumors changing from green to blue. I was a rookie and I felt like a new relationship at first, but eventually I found my way. Here are some of my favorite things and other cool ways for Android users to switch – some of them have made their friends who are loyal iPhone users say, “How do I do this?”

Working with Photos and Videos

My main goal was to make my photos visible on my laptop easily instead of having to struggle to get them off Android. At first I needed help with this, so I made an online appointment to talk to Apple Tech Support, and after I got back, my devices were able to communicate. He helped me manage my graphic library. To work with my photos, which I do now with selecting a gallery, create a new disc and give them to Airdrop from my phone to my desktop. Images are also in the Photos app on my laptop and we’re working right there in iCloud. When I make video tours, such as my recent trips with bears in Ketchikan, Alaska, I can move the video from desktop to iMovie and it is seamless, painless, and easier than ever.

Strengthening Glass

The good news: The iPhone can make you feel young. My doctor takes her reading glasses everywhere and it makes her feel old. With one step, I taught him to turn on the Magnifier.

In your iPhone or iPad, go to Causes > Available. Dinani Extra, then turn it on. Press the button to the right of the phone three times and the power amplifier will be turned on. Now she can download reading glasses to the market or on a daily basis because she already has her phone. He has had an iPhone for 14 years but did not know that it would help him read less. With Android, you need to download a special app, and while there are many to choose from, it’s fun to have a section to burn your phone to jump.

Screen Recording

Screen Record, as its name implies, gives you the opportunity to record a video on your screen. To do this, scroll around from the right corner to the control area, then press the window button. It will let you read 3 before you start, make sure you are open to what you want to draw before you open the button.

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