6 Best Foods to Feed Your Baby First

One of the great things about being a mother to me is showing my children how to have a healthy, happy relationship with food. To feel their hunger is full. Revealed in a variety of colors and shapes and real, all-inclusive. Eating more than just exercise, but as a way to spend time with loved ones at the table, or to cook food in the kitchen.

It all starts at an early age, and that’s how we choose to feed them even when they are babies. And, our thoughts on how we feed them. Inside, not forced (on them or us) to better understand or eat anything in the garden.

But like most mums, finding solid food for Noah, at first, was difficult and difficult for me… .. available TWO ideas for how to get started, start time, what to start with. How to do it right. And basically, what you shouldn’t do (with a million million views).

But you know me – I put on my watch hat or, I did a lot of research and found…. feeding children is no different from feeding adults. The best foods are nutritious and beautiful foods, dairy products and protein and in the end, whole grains and nuts (which are shipped in a child-safe way).

Inside my baby food pantry (find HERE), you can find simple research on all of my baby foods, and what you can do to show your baby strength in a safe, healthy and smart way. This feeds their bodies, brains and cells to grow well, and this makes you less anxious to reduce the number of hours or cook a five-year-old food you don’t make yourself.

I mean, no thanks?

Instead it is full of simple, nutritious and spicy food for babies, recipes, how to introduce allergen foods and how to get your baby to eat a variety of foods from day one, so that you will be able to eat the same food together. Learn more here!

The maximum age is six months, or whenever your baby is sitting unsupervised and shows signs of wanting to eat food (pulling your spoon, trying to swim in your hands when you eat, etc.) but of course, always talk to the group. your medical aid if you have any questions about your child.

For Noah, that time came when he was about 7 years old. We started slowly, and introduced solid foods at the same time to get used to the new habits, and I was able to watch everything.

As they begin to learn and get food in their mouths, feeding your baby and watching them enjoy a variety of foods becomes more fun. Of course my most rewarding part is being a mother. And I want to share some good tips and food to get you started.

6 best foods to feed your baby first

Here are some of the foods we started with that are safe and nutritious for your baby, and the seven best foods to feed your baby first!

  1. Peyala- Healthy fats and fine yarn for the growth and development of the baby, plus are soft and easy for babies to combine with their hands / gums. Cut the vendors into spears so that the child can easily grasp the hand and bring the piece to their mouth. (You can also wrap it and put another on a spoon!)
  2. Potatoes— Roast the mashed potatoes and cover with holes from the fork at 400 degrees F. for 50 minutes. Until one hour, until soft. You can then remove the meat and smear it with breast milk / its texture (or any other layer) and serve the baby on a spoon! Potatoes are high in nutrients that contribute to brain development and digestion.
  3. Egg yolks— eggs are a good source of protein for babies, and yolks contain a lot of vitamin D for good health. I like to make small omelettes and use them to attach the baby or just boil an egg and cook the yolk in the middle.
  4. Grass butter Grazed grasses are best on a very white color. Butter is a great source of healthy fats for babies! Add their potatoes or mix them with any other food to taste and taste good.
  5. Banana- bananas and GOAT fruit babies in many ways…. did you know that it helps with the baby’s nervous system, skin health, iron absorption and blood pressure ?! Serve spears the size of a big pink finger.
  6. Blue blues— Noah has been obsessed with blue since day 1 and is rich in vitamins and minerals to help the baby’s blood, immune system and liver. These he can be at risk of anger, so help them break up your kids (or cook cooking stuff like mine Baby blue cake here).

Help your child learn to love real foods, have useful vegetables, cut down on any of the foods in this process and help build strong immune systems and gut for the rest of their lives .. they are all made EASY (yes, true). This book guides you on how to feed your baby (and when and how), from 4 months onwards! Download your color Here and save itself a full year of research and time. I found you mom!

Grab Fixed Files With Kids Here.

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