12 Best Wireless Headphones (2021): PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One

Go wireless is cheaper than before, but if you spend a lot of time wearing a connector with your team at a game – or sitting in your tenth day Zoom meetings – it should be comfortable, clear, and loud. all right. Over the past three years, we have tried many headphones and headphones to get a list of high-end wireless games for PC, Mac, Android phones, iPhone, Nintendo Switch (all types), Xbox Series X / S, Xbox. One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. We will continue to test new models over time, so check this page to see what we will choose in the future.

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Updated October 2021: We’ve added new features related to the Xbox Series X / S and PS5 and added them to Logitech Pro X. We’ve also launched a new experiment on a recent theme to add to the mix. Eric Ravenscraft, Jeffrey Van Camp, and Jess Gray helped test the book’s headsets.

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