Yes, Apple’s Privacy Change Updates hurt

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Kübler-Ross’s cry — which you probably know well as “The Five Elements of Mourning”It’s not the kind of thing you can connect with a company like Facebook. Hell, that’s not what you can associate with any company, time. All around is very personal responding to some losses, and companies are not human, it does not matter how difficult they insist differently.

Why Facebook VP of pdrug mshipbuilding maker, Graham Mudd, was released knowledge Wednesday morning on Apple’s testing platform privacy updates in iOS, the whole exchange felt strange… man. Facebook exchanged its as usual self-righteousness connecting with people and changing it and something that sounds like Kübler-Ross-y. For the first time, it seems like Facebook understands the magnitude of Apple’s innovation, and was ready to connect its power to advertisers.

“We anticipate an increase in the number of changes in the platform, especially the latest iOS updates, to have a larger share in the third quarter compared to the second quarter,” Mudd wrote, referring to Apple’s ongoing privacy policy. continued to make to his mobile device for the past year. On Monday, Apple released the app with iOS 15, which has other tools is designed to prevent it email operators.

Mudd’s message is simple, to say many advertisers on the platform that Facebook hasheard from many of you that the impact on your business has been greater than you think. ”

“The cost of meeting the results of your business may be high and it is also very difficult to measure your campaign on our platform,” he wrote.. “Sometimes, this happens because we haven’t said much.”

In particular, the platform realized that it had not yet made a report called “conversion”—Like downloading or using an ad program — which Facebook used to view when viewing advertisements in their mobile browser. According to Mudd, Facebook’s estimate is that it has not been delivered to users at the end “by about 15%”So far, I am counting on the“ real world conversion ”that has taken place as a result of advertising on Facebook just … to evade the entire viewing of the company.

“We are on a journey with you because our business is moving and changing,” Mudd said, before explaining. killing of tweaks Businesses can incorporate these campaigns to reduce their disparities. In the coming months, the company said, Facebook will be introducing “new tools” to help businesses change, and these tools will be sold to advertisers in “real time.”

For people who are not in the beast, a vain world Facebook ads, many of Mudd’s comments probably sound like advertising – which is 100%. But I am advertising that in the past the company would have been silent outside of financial calls by money sellers or secret mobile phones with the money they spend the most. Facebook has history of many years ignore or hide actual advertisements from advertisers either to pour them as much money into the platform as possible, and the thread brings a pile up of the class cases being recorded and the number of businesses suspected of being stolen.

The fact that Mudd came out and admits that, yes, Facebook numbers were a bit sloppy in the last few months — and I admit that he doesn’t need to take action to force his hand — feels clear, but it also feels like confession. That’s the acceptance that just comes after your annual campaign to deny, negotiation, anger, and moping around in the end jack shit changed the way things are here.

You do not have to look far beyond the obvious Things to avoid digged against Facebook to understand that this is a company that is not doing well with any losses. He pulls everything smarmy is a secret fraud in the book to save dollars or users from pouring into the hands of opponents, and then to buy The opponents always did what the tactics did not do. Thanks to Apple, Facebook has now lost a ton of follow-up to iOS users, and will continue to lose more in the future. In the meantime, Facebook’s corporate grief will continue to pour in in ways that we are just beginning to understand.

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