Xi Jinping may have been the ancestor of some of the world’s most dangerous tigers

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Two recent interviews with executives from Chinese companies watching – one major in the game, some online training – have found that they are interested in the second grievance of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both think that they are now dealing with the parent of the world’s most dangerous tiger.

The first was a discussion of China has suddenly declared war on the game and their ban in August on the country’s under-18s to play for more than three hours a week. Draconian elements, no doubt. Hard to force, some compete with it. But apparently another part of the Communist party is a “common civilization” in the cultural arena where most of its cards are set unveiled and unplayable.

At the same time, it should not be completely unexpected. China’s restrictions on cover-up, even price-fixing and price-sharing, could only represent the values ​​that other governments – and even loving parents – would prefer if they were forced to do so. Some sports watch experts have warned that such a thing could happen after the World Health Organization adds a “sports problem” to its 2018 global disease epidemic.

Is it possible that China’s attack on the game industry has happened, I asked, because the companies have been deliberately writing to confuse and influence their sales? There is no way, he managed the game well: companies would be crazy to do things like this would mean placing the next generation of players on any kind of health problem.

The line appeared not because it sounded boring (what it did) but because of the last companies that relied on its own ideas. When the big smoker started using the controversy in the 1980s and 90s, it was because he knew the jig had gone up and that global reckoning was coming.

If China manages to run its own domestic companies – more than 200 elected and pledged an independent government last Friday – to express themselves even unconsciously through the PR lexicon of smoking, it is reasonable to assume that the three-hour rule could be adhered to.

Negotiations with the head of an online training company, meanwhile, focus on China addressing the $ 120bn private education market. It was once used to discuss technical issues that should be applied. He then answered the question of “leopard parents” and who – between the Communist Party and the millions of families led by the octane tiger of fear and desire – made a cruel and hopeless tyrant in the lives of children. Xi, arguing, did not want to destroy the tigers, but to release them.

The idea seems counterintuitive. The goal of China’s commitment to education is to eliminate the economic inequality of the competition for education – a playground created by tiger parents. When parents are severely damaged over a long period of time, they drive the next justification, the few obstacles that middle-aged families will see in having larger families. Leopard parents, especially the rich and thus have a lot of power, seem to be the enemy here. Undoubtedly, that’s the race.

In the meantime, public, sporting and private education, it may be about the need for an evening to fight, to free up time, to improve family life and to restore billions of hours a week that children lose in extra sports or classes. But this should not be expected to happen. The game may be that, in some generations, just wasting time, and personal training can be burdensome and unfair, but it has kept many young people busy in ways that did not help the government and the family idyll may not be the same immediately. The government, meanwhile, is unclear how it thinks the timing of its release should be used.

But Xi, who doubts the head of the training company, must have something more convincing. His aspirations for government have two aspects of tiger parents: believing that desire is something that should be enforced and not just encouraged, and the fear that unemployment could lead to something unnecessary.

The companies are the money changers, who have been with them for the last few weeks the future of the economic sector, we have seen cryptocurrencies banned and watched entertainment companies flooded with new rules just waiting for the next surprise prospect from Beijing. The most important thing, in the long run, is how the government can decide when to rest for children.

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