Who Are the Relatives to the Magic?

A preview of the Madrigal family section from Disney's Encanto.

Figure: Disney

Beautiful, The upcoming Disney story from fellow editors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, tells the story of one of Madrigal’s families who, for unknown reasons, is not born with a magical gift. Marisol-mentioned by Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stephanie Beatriz — she knows she’s there china within which makes him unique, but it is difficult to feel that he is connected to his brothers because of all the wonderful things he can do and their potential.

Even Mirabel is BeautifulA middle-class protagonist, his family plays an important role in making his journey and making more heads video investigates. When io9 soon sat down with BeautifulThe production team, however, described how every potential of the Madrigals reflects the need to know who they are, but the reality of each individual is far more complex than their own.

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