What is Ben Simmons’ business? An examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the NBA’s most successful wild card

Ben Simmons continues to control the weather.

According to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, Simmons told the franchise that he “no longer wants to be a Sixer.” The recent growth of ancient trade rumors and late reports of the defeat of Philadelphia by the Atlanta Hawks in the second round of the playoffs.

So far, the 76ers have been searching for the king’s redemption. According to David Aldridge of The Athletic, looking for at least four elections in the near future and Star-Star player in “many (but not all)” categories for him.

Did Simmons just waste Sixers money? Only time can tell. Other than that, it’s hard to know the value of a man whose best night seems to be the hardest part in a rival game and in the worst of it … well …

No one is running away from the fact that Simmons fought hard this season against the Hawks – 7 games were a tough one for him, as he had five limits – but he is still 25 with 15 points, 9.1 rebounds, 7.7 assists and 1.7 rebounds in four days. on his job and is making a contract until 2024-25. He has already won three All-Star nominations, in addition to the two First Class Defense options.

Testing Simmons and its great value needs to be fully explored. Let’s put his game under the microscope to better understand what he can bring to the team.

Take the walk

Simmons puts tons on the teams in the open field.

According to NBA.com, Simmons made more than a quarter (28.3%) of his errors in changing last season, making him one of the best in the league. The interest rate (21.2%) helped him to be at only 27 percentile with a score of 1.00 per point, but he was the last finisher (61.6% shot) in that game.

Ben Simmons’ goal scoring (2020-21)
Play Frequently The Point of All Things Percent
Change 28.3% 1.00 27.0
Pick-and-roll ball support 16.9% 0.73 23.6
Cut 12.2% 1.10 20.3
Send 11.4% 0.96 55.0
Isolation 6.2% 1.00 75.3
Pick-and-roll person 2.6% 0.87 14.7

What makes Simmons unique is that he has the size of the front but the ability of the guard. Standing 6-foot-11 with 7-foot wings, it is a threat to catch-and-go. It is too quick for most officers to follow the unsightly and massive shooting of many guards to catch them when they get painted.

When he or she receives a prize, he or she goes to the competition.

Simmons also takes theft and sectarianism. (More on that a little bit). He punishes teams for not paying attention to the ball, and makes the changes easier.

Simmons makes a lot of mistakes for those who play with them on the switch. He rewards players for running with him on the ground and does an excellent job of beating 3 throwers when the defense falls on him.

Over the past two days, the Simmons have supported all 422 3-pointers. PBP calculations, Damian Lillard (452), Russell Westbrook (453) and Luke Doncic (485) are the only producers.

It’s half that Simmons faces some challenges.

The biggest problem, of course, is that Simmons never jumped. In some cases, shooting charts can be misleading. This is not one of them.


Of the 325 field goals he scored last season, 315 came in handy. 7-for-21 (33.3 percent) from midrange and 3-for-10 (30.0 percent) from three species. He sent the same numbers to the first three seasons of his career.

If the defenders run on Simmons, they can shoot near them and end up at the end.

But if he stays away from her, he can change the rest of the world.

These failures severely affect Simmons at the end of the game. You have seen how they are used in the clutch plummet in the last three seasons because they have a tendency to want to go to dark places after the game is over. It is no coincidence that Joel Embiid, whose use has skyrocketed over the past three years, is a well-known painter. The two often fight in one place.

Simmons being a good shooter is the obvious answer – it would be difficult for the defenders to help him if he did – but it would be interesting to see how he would manage the team when he is the only one not throwing and is widely used as a senior in court. With his size, speed, sport and vision, he is a man who has to do well as a window maker in a game with a costume. They can deal with mistakes, at home and in the mail.

Simmons has shown all that is going on in Philadelphia, but it looks like there is a lot more to be released.

A qualified NBA defender today

It’s at the other end of the court where Simmons is right.

First and foremost, Simmons is an amazing defender. His 1.6 burglary last season was tied to a team of players fifth-most in the league. He also made 3.5 errors in the game, tying him up with TJ McConnell and Jimmy Butler third-majority.

Simmons is a great presence right now that doesn’t just use its size and length to harass football fans …

… but it hurts as a free protection.

Second, Simmons is a security guard in various places. According to The BBall Index, was the fifth defender in the league’s final game last season, which allowed him to spend the same amount of time guarding the guards, firing on the guards, making little progress and progressing mightily. It is impossible to explain the value of such skills in a league that requires the possibility of exchanging two or three roles.

In addition, the Simmons often carry the most complex folder. He sent the amount of hard matchup of 97.7 in 2020-21, who was the top of the 76ers and placed in the 25th league.

His speed is on display at moving guard games such as Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell.

His growth, meanwhile, helps him defend the likes of Luke Doncic and LeBron James.

Simply put, there aren’t many players who can control a lot of space and take on the defensive role that Simmons can. They’re built today around the NBA.

Simmons has already won two nominations in the National Defense Force for his youth career. When he became second in last year’s defensive season, some see him as the best defender in the league because of his move.

“I know Gobert is Gobert and he closes a lot of shots and does everything, but Simmons is very disruptive,” he said. an unknown coach told The Athletic. “You can’t go wrong with all these guys, but Simmons’ flexibility is what puts him above me.”

The only question with Simmons at the end of the defense is whether he can set up a defense like a five-ball. (We have not seen much from him, mainly because he has been involved with one of the best teams in the league at Embiid). Many of his barriers to his career are still high come from the edge and numbers not pointing to him as a major obstacle around the basket. There is no doubt that he can exchange anything, but the judges would still be wondering if Simmons could open a small line at Draymond Green.

The show

No one can deny how talented Simmons is. He has some obvious weaknesses in his game, but he has the power to change, he is one of the best performers in the league and he is the defender that every team is looking for today in the NBA. With his flexibility at both ends, it’s not hard to imagine him thriving in the right place.

Whether the Simmons are back in the 76ers or wearing a new uniform next season, there are a number of things that can go forward in its long-term growth.

First? Be a willing midrange shooter.

Most of them were in need of a three-point shot, but watching more shots from midrange could help Simmons defend his defense. It’s not something we saw a lot from him last season, but he also showed a willingness to get out of the midrange in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

The second? Switch like a free shooter.

Through four seasons, Simmons connected 59.7% of his throwing attempts in the regular season and 52.0% in the game. With his ability to descend, he is a man who has to be on the free throw line, and being a free thrower can always be his secret to becoming a tyrant.

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