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The program of Official NBA website has just released its Western Conference format, right LA Lakers is on the notch list below Phoenix Sun..

Author John Schuhmann’s early take on the West rankings could be a challenge for some, as the LA Lakers are considered to be the favorites of many basketball professionals.

Here is our active component on NBA.com’s web pages:

Are the Phoenix Suns (1) better than the LA Lakers (2) after Russell Westbrook’s business?

After losing to the Phoenix Suns in the first leg of the 2021 NBA playoffs, the LA Lakers were left to doubt the roster’s chances of winning the title next season. Based on the damage done by senior manager Rob Pelinka, it seems he has decided to let the rocket leave the main thing.

The Lakers cleaned the house, and even with the seniors now living on the list, they look like a better team than they saw last season. As Phil Handy’s assistant coach last week, he has a job to do even if he looks good on paper with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.

So far, the Phoenix Suns are probably the best team in the early 2021-22 NBA season because team chemistry will not be a problem due to the small changes they have made in their list. This makes them more confident in launching the season on top. One month in the season, however, expect the Lakers to climb to No. 1.

NBA.com considers Dallas Mavericks (4) better than LA Clippers (5), Denver Nuggets (6) and Golden State Warriors (7)

Luke Doncic (# 77) is joined by Kawhi Leonard (# 2) and Marcus Morris Sr.
Luke Doncic (# 77) is joined by Kawhi Leonard (# 2) and Marcus Morris Sr.

Rejected by LA Clippers (5) in two straight seasons, Dallas Maverick (4) is determined to tackle the lineup. It seems that NBA.com believes that Luke Doncic and the company are better this season than their opponents.

One of the main reasons for the rise of the Mavericks is that Kawhi Leonard will not be available in large numbers, if not all of the NBA season.

The Mavs aren’t much known yet, but if they take a big role before the start of the new season, they have a chance to go number 3, ahead of Utah Jazz (3), depending on who wins. The way the Jazz came out in the game shows that they could be a player or two to reach the NBA Finals.

Interestingly, Schuhmann does not believe the Denver Nuggets will be better this season after being relegated to No. 6 though he finished last season as the third seed in the West. Alternatively, this has a lot to do with ACL injuries that prevent Jamal Murray from being temporarily stable.

Finally, there are the Golden State Warriors that Stephen Curry is hoping to promote in the NBA tournament next season. Klay Thompson’s close return after two years with an injury doesn’t seem to appeal to basketball pundits, given the team’s seniority with another team since their days as NBA champions.

Portland Trail Blazers (8) surpass Memphis Grizzlies (9) and Minnesota Timberwolves (10)

Ja Morant (# 12) and Damian Lillard (# 0). Ja Morant (# 12) and Damian Lillard (# 0).
Ja Morant (# 12) and Damian Lillard (# 0).

In the final round of the NBA Western Conference, Schuhmann does not think the Portland Trail Blazers managed to surpass other Western domains.

Even Larry Nance Jr. coming up, the Blazers may not be ready to go deep into this game. Think of the Blazers as the first food of high quality crops.

So far, the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves have a lot to prove. They have a whole season to challenge Schuhmann’s initial opposition.

If Ja Morant is a good leader next season, don’t be surprised to see him invade one of the underground plants. For the Timberwolves, exercise is a big deal.

If they get lost behind them, they could surprise NBA fans with a slight victory against their rivals in the competition. However, they may need more time to deal with the playoffs.

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