Warhammer Thunderhawk Kit Ways Sold Record For $ 35,000

The rare, full-featured Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship is carefully placed in a portable foam bag with two hand wraps.

Just imagine if a section fell during this time.
Drawing picture: Squidmar / Youtube games

Warhammer I play expensive games and it has been for a very long time. Hold on to the power of the Games Workshop – whether it’s inside Years of Sigmarfiction or 40KFuture entertainment– can cost hundreds of dollars, even before all the tools are used to build, paint, carry, and play with them. But this 24-year-old picks up the cake.

Hobby YouTuber Squidmar Game (via Polygon) has shown a tremendous ascent to one of the most difficult Warhammer small arms available. In 1997, a table inscription, the entire Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship was commissioned to paint, transforming a rare, unpainted bag into a treasure trove. Warhammer example in the world. It was sold at a market in Australia for a bargain price of $ 34,882 (interesting fact, that’s almost Time 64 the cost of the army of Tropical Lumineth Realm-Lord elves I just bought, readers), the ship that has been collected and photographed is now very important Warhammer every bit.

The Thunderhawk Gunship – a space shuttle that is essentially part of a major naval base as well as an armored armchair, equipped with Humanity’s Imperium – has been in a state of disrepair since its release in 1997. For example, the current one is holding you back $ 770. What makes the original Thunderhawk so special is that it’s not all metal (modern and resin, so it won’t make your arms strong when you try to pick it up), but it was a very important part of making a small run. Sports Games made a few of their displays in the mid-90s, but later set aside $ 650 in 1997, when only 500 were made, and put in the most expensive boxes.

Collecting and collecting equipment has already been sold at the lowest price of the current one – according to Polygon, anywhere between $ 3,000 to $ 5,000. This makes Squidmar Miniature’s paint work on a previously unprofitable brand add real fake bananas to its commercialization. I will not complain about the box five elves on a kangaroo pay $ 60 again.

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