Wannabe Vigilantes Oath Keepers Says She Was Broken

Oath Keepers fighters take to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri during a protest against Michael Brown police on August 10, 2015.

Oath Keepers fighters take to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri during a protest against Michael Brown police on August 10, 2015.
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A few weeks after his release 180-gigabyte storage capacity from right-to-right subscriber and webmaster, a nonprofit journalist DDoSecrets has raised the privacy of the data which he says was stolen from the right hand, against the government Oath Keepers team.

Oath Keepers are best known for getting into represented by government officials and demonstrations for the right reasons across the country, as well as pointing a gun at Black Lives Matter shows. They often portray themselves as a group of affected citizens who want to keep the peace, protect the rule of law from the oppressive government, and protect local businesses from being confiscated – even though they work as a group of illegal, militant activists who try to elevate the rights of like-minded people, praise the vigilante violence, and He often raises arguments wherever he goes. According to Washington Post, who have seen Oath Keepers for a long time describe their founder Stewart Rhode as a military leader rather than an experimenter with the ability to inspire extremists and exaggerate the size and power of the group; Some parts of the far right, such as the white supremacists, have been ridiculed as fraudulent bribes.

Several Oath Keepers were present in the crowd that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 is expected to issue rulings that could make Donald Trump second in command. At least 22 who claim to be members or sponsors he is watching or have already been judged in civil cases in connection with the incident, and media reports writing they great preparation on violence on the day of chaos. Rhodes was not charged. But critics say he was at a place outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 and communication at least 19 times over the phone and other Oath Keepers during the turmoil, apparently contradicting his claim that all members who did not participate did not agree with him.

The Oath Keepers internal storage, which was released to DDoSecrets by hackers, is approximately 3.8 gigabytes and includes information about the organization and its members. Emails stored in each chapter of the group and some of its leaders such as Rhode are out, including about 10,000 emails. Messages from the “Rocket.Chat” chat group are included from June 2020 and mid-March 2021 until mid-September.

About 38,000 email addresses are in a member-registered file, most of which are named, addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, donation history, and more, depending on Daily Dot, but it is not known which of these records are linked to current or former Oath Keepers. This number corresponds to the number of Oath Keepers mentioned in the report and the Center for Strategic and International Study but it is much higher than Anti-Defamation League’s a comparison of about 1,000-3,000 Oath Keepers. DDoSecrets founder Emma Best told Daily Dot that the list of members and other files with donations and finances should be released to journalists only.

A June analysis and the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project did not consider all members who pay for the agency, but realized that they are made up of former police officers and former police officers and soldiers who “seem unworthy of participation,” said A Rhode. states that members should remain anonymous. ” popular in movies– House has achieved small respect inside Republican courts-And I’m interested in it to attract the attention of journalists.

Gizmodo has spoken to Oath Keepers for confirmation and comment but has not been promptly responded – we will change the matter once we do.

Epik’s theft has begun to reveal many right-hand trolls that rely on a subscriber’s willingness register anonymous names. The group that released the information to DDoSecrets said it was affiliated with the hacker group Anonymous, although Daily Dot also said there was no evidence Oath Keepers to release he was part of the same work.

However, the Oath Keepers suddenly shut down their website less than a week after the Capitol riots failed, and Rhodes says causing LiquidWeb to terminate its contract under duress by the rest. Oath Keepers eventually moved to Epik, where careless security systems including store a host of resources including credit card numbers, emails, usernames, and passwords in an unsafe form. As a result it is easy to see where the people who stole this may have obtained account certificates or other information that would have allowed them to escape with the internal records of Oath Keepers.

“The release of Oath Keepers gives an unprecedented idea of ​​the members of the groups, who donate, their teams and how they work, all months before and immediately following the coup attempt on January 6,” Best told the Daily Dot. “While some questions remain, the answers that can be given to a larger group that counts that the police and the police here have provided enough fuel for national and international journalists.”

Gizmodo has downloaded copies of Oath Keepers and is reviewing the contents.

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