Wahoo Fitness Review SYSTM: Sufferfest Downs With Big Goals

Admission: I did not work Difficult, a well-known cycling training program that encourages users to work hard while driving in the “Sufferlandria” world of cycling. Sitting outside my mountain bike is my way of teaching. Plus, I get the impression that The Sufferfest was just watching a competitive race, a holiday sweat fighting their coaches, which is true. As founder David McQuillen, a cyclist and banker now in Tasmania admits, the tower was “very masculine.”

It was, however, the most revered in the scientific games that brought it to the training platform. Then when I heard the story that Staying Strong Wahoo I bought The Sufferfest in 2019, it took two years to grow in science, I added more tool than cycling – and things like yoga and mental strength – and changed the name to a simple SYSTM, I was impressed.

The newly updated platform is unveiled today, and I have had the opportunity to take it for the first time. The good news: The new SYSTM made me very active within the coach during the week of the best fall season. Bad news: The new SYSTM kept me fully within the coach within a week of a good fall season.

Photo: Strength of Wahoo

A highlight of the redesigned program, whose audience is enduring athletes, is how it gets into science to re-evaluate your performance in the chair. Guided by Neal Henderson, a trainer from Boulder, Colorado for Olympic athletes as Flora Duffy and many others, Henderson’s theory is that physical activity, which can produce energy from 45 to 60 minutes, is not enough to train well. To achieve this, they developed a “low power” (4DP) that, in addition to FTP, utilizes neuromuscular strength, anaerobic power, and high-intensity energy to facilitate easy, smooth, and flexible exercise.

To get the 4DP magic when using the app, runners try to test the full hour of the Full Frontal ramp, the whole effort, the low effort. Upon completion of the test, the program changes the continuation plan according to the history of each athlete.

All of this can seem overwhelming. Science and suffering aside, however, SYSTM is a fun, educational, fun, and educational experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has five features: Cycling, Running, Swimming, Strength, Mental Training, and Yoga, all of which can be integrated together in one easy-to-use calendar.

Non-tool SYSTM is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices. Since the app can be cast on a TV or just run a phone or tablet, it interacts with Wahoo instructors and cyclists, as well as other types of bikes.

I focused on Cycling, a small booklet for riders in five major groups. The place is in a roundabout area. I loved the words Get It With It, 44 minutes. The goofy line starts at the office, where, after telling the boss a few white lies, miraculously I head up the mountain road to the Pyrenees to climb 2,200 meters of Arcalis and other passports by cyclist Dan Martin and Mike Cotty, founder of The whole group. The splendor in Spain is complemented by comments from officials, an appropriate tempo list, interesting historical and cultural highlights, cycling that pops out the window as a “stand-up,” and humorous “Couchlandria” return to office. Spoiler: The boss eventually catches you and you get fired. There’s a lot going on, but it seemed like a bit of a chore when I chatted with friends and had fun instead of just isolating myself and trying to kill the UK enemy who just kept passing me by, as is the case with other platforms I’ve worked with.

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