Vision Star Wars Gave Us Vision Jedi Droid We Want

The T0-B1, a white-blue droid designed as a boy, uses its own blue lights.

Astro Boy with electricity? Don’t worry about it!
Drawing picture: Disney +

But droids a Star Wars stay it’s always been strange. Although many are protected robots that do nothing but do their own thing works that were made, others, such as R2-D2 and SoloL3-37, he clearly has the right to choose. They, along with many other droids including C-3PO and BB-8, also have emotions — feelings of fear, loss, joy, and much more. But, being inactive, he was unable to connect with the Army — to this day.

The program of Star Wars: Vision shorts, produced by various high quality anime studios, provide the new, the wrong, the vision of the wrong license based on the Skywalker Saga and nearby movies and TV shows. Thus, it is not uncommon, which is like a pause because it contains new ideas and creative ideas Star Wars galaxy is in great demand. But the “T0-B1,” manufactured by Science SARU an art studio, with a very interesting anthology concept: ta droid hat can be a Jedi.

The list has already been copied with the idea Revenge of the Sith‘s Very Difficult, but he could not use the Force, he had only a body of robots that was capable of throwing four lights around. They have become live characters from a joke that had cybernetic machines that give them power like Power. And what’s coming Star Wars: Alenje The gameplay includes a droid that is believed to be a Jedi, but not. Unless a popular Star Wars: Stories funny with “Skippy the Jedi Droid”– a short story written by Peter David so that it was illegal even in the old Expanded Universe – it has a droid that uses Force.

Until “To-B1,” then. Droid (tribute to the beloved and well-known Japanese hero) Astro boy) wants to be a Jedi, and its creator Mitaka leads him to believe the kyber crystal is somewhere in the world, an essential part of the lightaber makes its page. Eventually, T0-B1 finds itself inside, uses Force to make his phone call, identifies the Sith Inquisitor, receives a knighting from the Force Ghost of Lands, and defeats the Inquisitor in a thrilling duel.

There is something so authentically, inherently Star Wars about the idea of a droid transcending itself to form a connection with a Force that it needs to become part of the canon. The Jedi, the Rebellion, and the New Republic have been symbolized by their inclusiveness, while evil has not. R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, Rogue One’s K-2SO, and especially L3-37 are proof that whether or not they have blood coursing through their veins, they’re as fully realized as the organic characters that they care about, and care about them. Star Wars droids can learn and evolve and develop relationships just like flesh-and-blood sentient beings. They’re alive—inorganic—but alive. Why shouldn’t they also be able to connect with the living Force?

There’s only one real reason, and it’s a bad one: midichlorians. If midichlorians are the true measure of a person’s connection to the Force, and the Force isn’t mystical but just about the quantity of a certain germ flowing through their veins, then droids can’t be Jedi. But midichlorians, while technically canon, are part of the canon that desperately need to be retconned, and Lucasfilm knows it. The Disney era of movies has covertly shoved everything in the prequel trilogy under the rug, while the entire modern franchise has focused on the Force as being more than Jedi and Sith – is a spirituality that means different things to different people, their groups, and planets.

It might be a better way to legally repeat it, Height mocked a little more than the first droid Jedi?

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