Vanilla Remixes ‘Ice Ice Baby’ to Sell Samsung Fridges

Image of Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' Samsung Remix

The races are there too, people. Samsung’s technology maker wrote Vanilla Ice-yes, that Vanilla Ice-retired energy storage that is part of the green bath and all the spices.

On Tuesday, Vanilla Ice released a new single “Ice Ice Baby” called “Reduce Your Ice, Ice Baby.” It encourages listeners to lower their refrigerator temperature to save weather as well, to purchase a new Samsung refrigerator.

Vanilla isn’t exactly known for its bars, but the new version of “Ice Ice Baby” is a no-brainer. In the introduction, on top of the well-known bassline that came out from “Under Pressure,” he says, “This is a borderline connection. Bespoke VIP, let’s hit it.” It’s impossible to hear and just stare without success.

The music video — or advertising, is actually based on a survey conducted by Samsung using official information from the European Union. It found that if any household in Europe alone were to increase its temperature by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius), it could reduce global warming by more than 1 million tons each year. It is not uncommon to think that in another bedroom, the PR team saw the study and thought, “you know what it takes? This requires Vanilla Ice over and over again, ‘Once in a while, I raise the look like a destructive, timeless, wax-like candle when you open a Samsung refrigerator and then other dancers. will appear in the window. ”But here we are.

Samsung says it is equivalent to cutting carbon off its annual energy consumption of more than 120,000 homes plus. I think Samsung feels right to give us all the weather advice even though it has a lot of carbon offsets increasing year by year and is failing to achieve the goals of the season it has set for itself.

Vanilla Ice doesn’t just give this advice, though. He and the company want you to know that if you really want to lower your carbon footprint, you should buy a new fridge from Samsung’s Bespoke line. Never mind the emissions associated with the manufacturing processes for all these new fridges. Never mind that you could turn up the fridge you already own by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit to reap at least some of the climate benefits that Rob Van Winkle is laying down. To become a true climate warrior in the mold of Vanilla Ice, you must buy a new fridge.

“Anything less than the best is eco felony,” Vanilla Ice says in the video.

Samsung’s new fridges do at least use isobutane, a coolant that has lower emissions than ma hydrofluorocarbons. The following are the most widely used chemicals in refrigerators and air conditioners, but they heat the climate more often than carbon dioxide. To be fair, this is a good thing but it won’t work to register Vanilla Ice to re-launch “Ice Ice Baby.”

Mu words, a Samsung spokesman added another worrying factor, saying the Bespoke line “could be more fashionable.” It is very rich from a company that strives to do this I will sell you new things whether the ones you currently have need to be removed or not. Advertising is a lot harder than Vanilla Ice saying “words to your fridge,” which means honest.

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