Uber Says It’s On The Road To Making A Profit (If You Look Ahead)

Traders working under the New York Stock Exchange prior to Uber’s offer in New York City on May 10, 2019.

Traders working under the New York Stock Exchange prior to Uber’s offer in New York City on May 10, 2019.
Figure: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

Uber says it is ready to break even production benefits of first-time work all the time ahead of time — you know, on paper, as long as you look in the books for Uber’s official method.

According to Reuters, Uber said Tuesday that it expects to break even this quarter, based on its definition of “modified EBITDA,” or before profits, interest rates, taxes, cuts, and deductions. This is a well-known way to say that Uber claims to be making money before spending it on all of these things, which in the past means it was not. Uber is showing everywhere from profits to a loss of $ 25 million in EBITDA reforms for the third quarter of 2021, from estimates that they will continue to lose $ 100 million.

MKM Partners investigator Rohit Kulkarni told Reuters this was Uber’s “definite sign”. That’s right, because the company’s accounting system has spent billions of years as if dollars were ants trying to climb its legs. As TechCrunch realized, in 2020, lost $ 6.7 billion by sound accounting laws, but managed to reduce it to $ 2.7 billion by using its definition of EBITDA as follows:

We state that EBITDA amended by all (lost) income, except (i) income (lost) from lost employment, income tax, (ii) total income (loss) incurred due to non-adjustment, tax, (iii) tax deductions, (iv) cash losses, (v) interest rates, (vi) interest rates, (vi) additional income (income), net, (vii) lower interest rates and interest rates, (viii ) stocks – expenditure, (ix) other legal, tax and legal changes, (x) advantages and disadvantages of goods / losses in sales, (xi) purchases and cash equivalents, (xii) repairs and payments (xiii) other items that do not show how we are doing, including COVID-19 in response to financial assistance for Drivers affected by COVID-19, the cost of self-defense equipment provided to Drivers, Reimbursement of driver for mt Their ability to purchase adequate ipment protection, the cost of free ride and food is provided to health workers, the elderly, and others in need and charitable donations.

TechCrunch noted that it was very unusual for a company to record 12 separate shares of EBITDA, although the break-up has been a major part of Uber for investors as well. he fails to do so really make money. This has been largely due to the fact that the company’s testing machines have ensured that the businesses continue to provide funding.

In the past, such as The Wall Street Journal reported, Uber will not be able to conserve profits by “one-time acquisition from other financial and defective assets.” These examples include including its functions Russia and South Asia and its competitors in 2018, or in the second half of 2021, its investment in China’s Didi hairdressing business (which Uber was able to send before Chinese officials did what reduced its shares) over 50%).

“EBITDA is sometimes used by companies that have a lot of fixed assets, a lot of intangible assets (such as the benefits that come after a major merger) or loans needed to help outsiders realize that the company is able to meet its financial obligations. Uber has none of this, “Hubert Horan’s traffic researcher said wrote on Naked Capitalism in February 2020. “Most importantly, Uber’s ‘EBITDA’ report does not include billions of dollars other than interest rates, taxes, inflation and inflation.”

However, Uber says it is reducing losses and growing revenue, and one has to admit that the company has the power to drive them.

Mu Securities and Exchange Commission filtering released Tuesday, Uber predicts savings of $ 22.8 billion to $ 23.2 billion in the current quarter, which CNBC said and change from pre-order $ 22 billion to $ 24 billion. In the second quarter, Uber saved $ 8.6 billion on travel (taxi, bicycle, and scooter) and $ 12.9 billion on food delivery in restaurants.

Horan, a researcher for Naked Capitalism, was not impressed by the company’s recent quarterly results.

“… It’s impossible to imagine the different benefits of going up and coming up with food, or how the profits of each business change over time from the amount Uber adds to the SEC’s filters,” Horan said. added a post this month. “… But even though there were serious flaws in the metrics used … food delivery seems to be a financial disaster that has greatly reduced Uber’s GAAP [generally accepted accounting principles] net income. Even with the exception of small purchases, the minimum share in food supply was not 10% in the first quarter of 2021 and was lower than in cycling. “

Some of the reasons Uber is so close to making a fictitious profit, plus mass dismissal, as well as price riders and nsagwada stupid food delivery. Note that even if you rely on a great network yes human problems, all of which have failed to make a real profit so far for anyone except the trustees and trustees who earn money through the transformation of many things.

Uber’s stock rose 12.5% ​​from Tuesday afternoon as women continue to set the dice. Its price of about $ 45 per share was lower than its value of more than $ 60 in early 2021, but not less than the start of the US epidemic in March 2020, when it arrived below the $ 15 share.

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