U.S. fleet is looking for foreign drivers to address the shortage of workers

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The hunger for motorists has become so severe in the US that some shipwrecks are asking to allow more foreigners to enter the country.

Driving a car has always been a job with high interest rates and unemployment. But the decline has grown since then plague, in training schools closed, some drivers quit and severe drug and alcohol testing resulted in nearly 60,000 dismissals, says Bob Costello, chief financial officer at American Trucking Associations.

Failure is “very serious”, he said.

Some small car companies are now urging the US government to reduce or speed up visas to reduce stress. supply chain.

At the Petroleum Marketing Group, an oil retailer at more than 1,300 oil depots on the east coast of the U.S., vice president of operations André LeBlanc said he had gone “to the warpath” to warn U.S. governors, theaters and operating departments that the shortage of drivers would end bringing about fuel shortages and increasing prices at the pump.

He also said officials could address the problem by speeding up the process of approving permanent EB-3 visas, which allows employers to bring in “jobs where qualified employees are not available in the US”. The visa system has a share of 40,000 per annum.

“I don’t think this is going to be good, but we have an answer and I’m trying to get someone to listen to me,” LeBlanc said.

Andrew Owens, chairman of the board of Oregon Trucking Associations, said the idea of ​​turning to foreign drivers “is to take the steam”. He is preparing about a dozen car companies through the ATA to meet with federal lawmakers to “remedy our case soon after the EB-3s”.

Part of their role will be to try to drive motorists on the US “Department of Labor’s“ Program A ”list. This, which shows that jobs that appear to be facing a shortage of qualified people, could cut 10-12 months from the EB-3 process which takes about 18 months, says Jose Gomez-Urquiza, chief executive of Visa Solutions, which puts out employees of US shipping companies.

Visa Solutions says its customer list has doubled in recent months.

Another option would be to register modern motorists on H-2B visas, which allow foreign workers to work part-time jobs that are difficult to harass, says Gomez-Urquiza.

Washington could reduce the burden of chains by waiving motorists on a 60,000-year visa fee, says Anda Malescu, a Miami business partner and law firm from Malescu Law. The US government has already lifted the trophy for H-2B visas and 22,000 for this financial year.

LeBlanc thought officials felt that bringing in foreign workers was unfortunate. A government official asked him, “Do you really want me to try to bring in people from outside the US when we have so many unemployed people?”, He recalled.

Malescu says trucks manufacturers are very fond of drivers from Mexico and Canada, because their licenses are recognized in the US. Some are also looking for English-speaking South African drivers, he said.

The U.S. Department of Transportation stated in a statement that it is “actively involved in increasing the availability of long-distance drivers.” The U.S. Department of Labor has not responded to a request for comment.

The Virginia-based Petroleum Marketing Group has only 26 of the 74 required drivers, LeBlanc said. “We are here to work and we are not bitten, not even for a moment. One of our shop assistants had a fraudulent representation of the site. They had a barbecue, everything. Two people have come, ”he said.

Additional reports of Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York

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