Trump Democrat in Trump: Joe Manchin threatens Biden’s demise

From his position as mayor of Fairmont, West Virginia, Thomas Mainella has backed American senator Joe Manchin over Joe Biden’s rude suspicions. $ 3.5tn spending plan. Like Manchin, Mainella is a Democrat, and like Manchin, he believes the senator has the right to try to put the brakes on the President’s finances.

“If you want to spend a lot of money without having to worry about the money then it’s worth it,” said Mainella, a former state police officer who turned out insurance. “[But] I think [Manchin] acts wisely in financial matters. ”

In the White House and in Congress, Democrats’ frustrated by Manchin is rising as it continues to refrain from supporting the key pillar in Biden’s economy. But for residents of Marion County, the small mining region where Manchin came from, the independent Democrat of the Senate is a proponent of anti-division and anti-money laundering. “We could have done more if we had Joe Manchins in Congress,” Mainella said.

“There is a lot of skepticism about DC, a lot of skepticism about Democrats, and a complete disbelief in the word trillion,” said John Kilwein, chair of the political science department at West Virginia University. “So if Joe Manchin took from $ 3tn to $ 1tn, I think that would seem like a good thing.”

Coal pile at SunCoke production facility in West Virginia © Luke Sharrett / Bloomberg

Because the U.S. Congress is divided between 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, with Kamala Harris, vice-president, giving his party a little bit of voting, Biden will not be able to lose any Democratic vote at a high price, giving Manchin greater control over the negotiations.

The president also tried to persuade Manchin with a meeting at the Oval Office, to try to force the movie to come. Others on the left of his party have ridiculed him for his self-sacrificing and courageous commitment to raising public funds for child care, education, health care and climate change, all paid for by raising taxes for companies and affluent families. But in West Virginia, it is easy to see why both methods have failed.

In the town of Manchin in Farmington – a town about 400 miles from Fairmont where his brother oversees the hospital and the family name appears on several billboards – many local shopkeepers cheered the senator. He remains loyal to him despite the state and state support for Donald Trump in the last two elections and many constituencies feel they are alienated from the Democratic Party.

Robert Chart, a former coal miner, said Manchin “does good and bad things”. But Democrats have long distinguished Manchin from party leaders who, he said, are now failing to stand up for their voters, instead of complaining about the expensive jobs they get. “We’re in the middle of a pandemic and we don’t have to spend all that money.”

Fairmont received $ 30m in renovation work from Washington’s original packaging for the plague, and did not spend all that money. Nick Fantasia, director of the Marion County Regional Development Corporation, asked for an in-depth study of government and federal needs before donating more money to the government.

Manchin family name on the sign
The town of Manchin in Farmington with a population of less than 400 is six miles from Fairmont, where his brother manages the hospital and the family name appears in several letters © Obey Manayiti / FT

“I agree with the Senator that we should stop and discuss it deliberately,” Fantasia said.

West Virginia is one of the poorest countries in the country and has been struggling to reduce the demand for coal to endanger its mines. The proposed legislation will provide assistance to economically disadvantaged communities such as coal mines, and create the most powerful protection system that can benefit low- and middle-income families. However Manchin denies the rise in the cost of the bill, and other factors, including the magnitude of climate change and rising taxes.

“We have tried to help the American people in any way we can and the aid we have provided there is still there and will be evident until next year, 2022, so what is the urgency?” Manchin interviewed on CNN this month.

Politicians say Manchin’s refusal is not only a threat to his government, but also fears that radical changes could jeopardize the profits of major donors in West Virginia and elsewhere. According to Open Secrets, a Washington-based political watchdog, Tellurian, a Texas gas company, has been a major contributor to Manchin since 2017.

Manchin, 74, and has served in the Senate since 2010, is facing a political crisis. In 2018, he won the election with a strong margin of 49.6% to 46.3%, beating his opponents well in the last two elections.

“Manchin has been declining in popularity over the years and I think one of the reasons is that he’s in West Virginia as a company,” said Katey Lauer, chairman of WV Can’t Wait, a leading group, adding that Manchin is part of the “healthy old club”. “more than a party”.

He did not say whether he would continue contesting in 2024, but his local reputation should be more important than any other way to run Washington – and some voters in Marion County are also highlighting their support.

Gordon Bowers, a local carpenter who has been supporting the film for a long time, has begun to cast doubt. Manchin’s boycott of the $ 3.5tn package was reasonable, he said, “but I don’t think he has any good ideas…. I don’t think he knows exactly what to do.”

Logan Bolling, another Fairmont voter, was also a perseverance. “A lot of people help him but I don’t,” he said.

With regard to spending money, the White House and many Democrats expect that over time, Manchin’s objections will come to an end. It looks dry.

“A few months ago I would have put in 50 cents that they don’t want to raise but maybe five,” said Kilwein of West Virginia University. “They may even count that they can come back and say, ‘Look, I’ve banned them; what’s going on is just killing us for using it’.”

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