Top 4 Ways To Sell or Sell an iPhone or Android Phone in India

Sell ​​Or Sell Your iPhone or Android Phone in India

Are you planning to sell your old Android or iPhone or do you want to sell your new smartphone together? There are many online markets and exchange apps where one can sell or exchange his or her current phone with another device easily. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to sell or sell your iPhone or Android phone in India.

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Best Ways To Sell or Sell Your iPhone or Android Phone in India

1. Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus Trade-in apps

All major brands, including Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus have exchange or exchange programs in India. If you buy a new phone from their online store, you can exchange your latest phone and discount your purchase.

Apple Trade in Program in IndiaApple Trade in Program in India
Apple Sales

Apple offers its app for sale in India. In contrast, Samsung and OnePlus exchange apps are powered by Cashify. In practice, we found Apple offering very low fees, even iPhones.

Sell ​​Or Sell Your iPhone or Android Phone in India Using Samsung ExchangeSell ​​Or Sell Your iPhone or Android Phone in India Using Samsung Exchange
Samsung exchange

Samsung, on the other hand, offers exchange bonuses for their advanced brands. Although prices vary from color to color, Samsung can offer you an exchange price with your Android or old iPhone.

Swap Android or iPhone with the OnePlus Buyback ProgramSwap Android or iPhone with the OnePlus Buyback Program
OnePlus restore

Other brands such as Vivo, Realme, and Xiaomi, too, offer retail programs that offer additional bonuses in exchange. Therefore, look at online or offline stores to see if they will allow you to switch and offer additional features.

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2. Amazon and Flipkart exchange

Amazon and Flipkart give you the opportunity to exchange your old phone for a new one on their platforms. All you have to do is select a switch, see if it is available on your Pincode, and answer any questions about the device to change.

You usually find a few exchanges on the platform. However, beware of bonus offers that offer added benefits when it comes to purchasing other phones, which sometimes make the most of the opportunity.

3. Sell on Cashify, InstaCash, or Yaantra

Several online pages allow you to sell your old phone at a predetermined price depending on its age, status, and available equipment. Your phone picks up at your door, and you pay for it right away.

Sell ​​Old Android or iPhone at CashifySell ​​Old Android or iPhone at Cashify

Fun is a popular site that we have been exchanging and selling mobile phones several times. The good news is that it offers an additional 4-6% bonus if you choose to get paid through Amazon or Flowkart gift vouchers.

Sell ​​Old Android or iPhone at YaantraSell ​​Old Android or iPhone at Yaantra

Yaantra is another platform that provides a door-to-door sale for your old phones. And like Cashify, it also offers a 5% discount when you choose Flipkart or Amazon Gift Voucher to cash out.

Sell ​​Old Android or iPhone on InstaCashSell ​​Old Android or iPhone on InstaCash

Or, you can see InstaCash, where you can create a safe place to pick up and receive a call before your phone gets out of your hands.

On our behalf, Yaantra offered the best selling price on our phone, followed by Cashify and InstaCash. However, look at all three windows and beyond that gives you the best value for your device.

4. Sell your old phone on OLX with Quickr

Sell ​​Mobile Phone on OLXSell ​​Mobile Phone on OLX

Internet markets like OLX and Quickr are some of the best ways to sell your iPhone or Android phone at a reasonable price. You can register ads on your phone and wait for buyers from your area to reach you with their voice. You can negotiate and sell the device.

However, the process is very busy and requires patience. Also, you should be careful about online payment scams and frauds when dealing with visitors.

Follow-Up Instructions When Selling Your Smartphone For Sale or Sale

  • Make sure you correctly answer questions about your phone when giving in exchange or selling on a platform like Cashify and Yaantra.
  • Please backup data for your important data, including artists, messages, and photos, in the cloud or transfer them to another device.
  • Delete your Google Account or an iCloud account from the device.
  • Remove your SIM card and microSD card.
  • Modify all your data before handing over your phone.
  • If you are selling your phone through OLX, make sure you meet a buyer at a public location and prefer digital methods to receive.

Wrap- Sell or Sell Your Old Phone in India

These are some of the best ways to sell or sell your old iPhone or Android phone in India. From our experience, we always have a high price in market markets like OLX, followed by sites like Cashify. However, which platform gives you the most exchange rate or sale for your phone? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more information.

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