Tim Cook tells staff that Apple is looking for Leakers

An image of the article by Tim Cook tells employees that the company is looking for Leakers

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Apple does not like its secrets to leave the site, so it did not say the company really does not like leakers. This week, CEO Tim Cook was concerned message of Players: You are not here, and we will find you.

According to almost, Apple’s chief executive was outraged as he made two announcements at a hand-held meeting last week on corporate opinion non-vaccinated workers-This should be tested as covid-19 frequency – and Epic v. Apple counterclaim came out to the press shortly.

In an email, which Verge received, sent to Apple on Tuesday, Cook said he had heard from many people who were disappointed with the recent release of all hands-on assembly. He was also disappointed. In addition, Cook added that this comes after the release of the annual events in September.

“The opportunity to connect as a team is truly important. But it only works if we believe that what they live in will be in Apple, ”Cook wrote. “I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to inform those who came out. As you know, we do not allow the disclosure of personal information, whether by IP or the details of a confidential meeting. We know that those who come out are a minority. We also know that the people who leak secrets are not human beings here. ”

In recent months, Apple has been cracking down on people selling stolen iPhone displays, which they believe to be has been seized by Chinese workers which they produce in factories, on television. The company sent a letter of resignation and left a letter with one seller and tell them stop acquiring, selling, and selling weapons. It also asks for a list of anyone who has provided vendor prototypes.

As for why Apple hates losing so much — except for the obvious answer, money — the company they say leakage affects producers of additives. These companies, for example, are able to manufacture weapons that are not compatible with the last type of product based on the results.

Apple is outraged because the loss means it will not surprise people with the release, which they say is an important part of the company’s DNA.

At the end of the day, Apple has a right to be angry and take action to prevent it. However, I think it is important to have an idea and act accordingly in any situation. It’s one thing to bring out the iPhone brand, but it’s another thing to bring out the company’s experimental covid-19 experiments, which would have been revealed, or comments provided after the trial (even the last one I understand a little).

However, I think Cook is going to “threaten them not to stand up again”.

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