The video shows the anointing of the crew’s first sight through the SpaceX Glass Dome

Inspiration4 crew member Hayley Arceneaux is looking through the cupola for the first time.

Inspiration4 crew member Hayley Arceneaux is looking through the cupola for the first time.
Figure: Anointing4 / SpaceX

The newly released video from the Inspiration4 project that is about to be shown shows the best moment when all the independent staff unveiled the Dragon Cupola, showcasing the vivid look of Mother Earth.

That it took time, but a video of Inspiration4’s work has begun to emerge. Sian Proctor, Crew Dragon Capsule driver, he wrote the first video today, showing “the moment when I and my amazing team … opened [SpaceX] cupola for the first time, “as he wrote, adding that it was the” real light “of the Inspiration4 Project.

Often, the upper part of the Crew Dragon is used for upgrades in the ISS, but for Inspiration4, SpaceX designed the nose to have a plexiglass dome called Dragon Cupola.

The background noise from the Crew Dragon is heard as the group opens. Mascot- a precious gold-backed toy-floating through the capsule. Staff Chris Sembroski, Hayley Arceneaux, and Jared Isaacman are looking forward to seeing you soon. A Richard Strauss He said so, the music that is featured in 2001: Space Odyssey, plays in the background (Proctor claims It was his idea and that he downloaded the app on his iPad before launch).

“Oh no,” said Arceneaux. He starts to pull out a very long rib from his carry-on bag, saying, “Well, I have a job to do.” The ribbon is a cover of the Dragon hatch seal, which is used to “keep the seals free of debris and to eliminate the need for temporary cleaning by workers,” according to to NASA. The aerial view suspends the coolness of Arceneaux, as it is interested in what is visible in front of it he.

Between oohs and aahs, Sembroski can be heard saying, “Holy,” which is the correct answer. condition. The Proctor camera creates a spectacular view of the Earth and the modified faces of its co-workers.

The reopening opened early in the three-day mission, which ended and was marred in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, September 18. At the press conference after his flight, Benji Reed, director of the crew mission management in SpaceX, He said problems encountered with the Waste Management System (e.g. toilet), which is at the very bottom of the cup. Mu tweet Releasing yesterday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the same, saying, “We have had some problems with [the toilet] this journey, ”and that promotion is important.

Not much was offered, though Exposure to gravity can cause vomiting and diarrhea, part of a condition called “space adaptation syndrome.”Patients too experience this “Face-to-face satisfaction due to fluid, headaches, and back pain,” according to to NASA. The reason for this may be related to fluid that moves through the body as a result of micro-organisms, and / or transient abnormalities, which a person suffers from an undiagnosed condition. Around half of all scientists experience airborne diseases in their early days in space.

Mu tweet, Isaacman said the move and small-scale work “came naturally to all of us.” He had a “little pressure” on his head, “as if hanging upside down on your bed, it took about 36 hours for him to start shrinking with me.”

We don’t know if some of those inspired by Inspiration4 got sick, but the wrong toilet doesn’t sound like fun, especially because of the tight fit. We hope SpaceX finds something.

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