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Observers of complex externalities have reason to rejoice. Voluntary intervention has been known for ten years. The route back to Kabul has read the last rituals. The US is heading back to its borders. Afghanistan is also a Taliban. Without guidance from Washington, Europe collapsed.

Joe Biden criticized the US government’s decision to remove the agency as it was a time of international reconstruction. The US President’s insulting statement is that there will be no “eternal wars”. A few thousand soldiers brought it home and now the US can reach China. Historically, Biden seems to think, he will be kind. Apart from that, horrific images of helicopters deploying the last U.S. troops from the embassy in Saigon never mentioned that the US would be in Vietnam.

Disappointed as much as possible in the turn of the Biden Trumpian, the liberation fighters should give up their mea culpa. Twenty years of occupation in western Afghanistan have shown that they were unreasonable in their expectations and careless in their pursuit of democracy.

After the American people expelled al-Qaeda and the mission began to rebuild the country, the simple idea was that elections could make Afghanistan a new democracy. Writing of a middle rules immediately ridiculed Afghan national divisions and an understanding of how democracy works. Elections are the last part of the joke. You start with the establishment of laws, non-partisan organizations and other cultures.

For the billions of dollars spent on the war, the whites volunteered small amounts This is where it thrives. Properties stored by the Washington National Security Archive show that even former Hawkish secretary Donald Rumsfeld thinks the US should offer more in construction Afghan Steel is less militant if it wants to fight the Taliban. Similarly, politicians tend to spend money on mistakes rather than on development aids.

The defeat in Afghanistan was political and not military coup. No great effort was made to build Kabul’s neighbors a stable. Instead, successive U.S. officials stood up as so-called Pakistani “allies” continued to help prepare and prepare the Taliban. He refused to participate in Iran. During the Secretary-General’s term, Hillary Clinton spoke fluently and called for “political affiliation”For protection. And he went on as before.

What is wrong now is that I believe America will be safe in the flight of Biden. It is no coincidence that those who are most excited about the restoration have become western enemies. Nation building has never been more fruitless. Stable, open and secure democracies for all jihadis have returned to Afghanistan and the ruling world in opposition to international law. If Biden thinks the US is in a global competition with China – a war between democracy and authoritarian rule – it has just given a dangerous place.

It is easy to say that rebuilding broken and failed countries requires the commitment of generations – a “permanent” task, says Biden. The trap is that it is not something you can avoid. Interrupted by a friend of independence and terrorists. The United States is about to hold the 20th anniversary of the threat in New York and Washington. If the assassination issue had a warning then the threats that occur today are often out of line.

The reality is that you can’t do democracy with guns. And it is a mistake to believe that the US can follow an open, law-abiding rule by taking refuge in a home, carrying terrorists and drones and leaving untouched places on earth to become hostile enemies. Unemployment also has a price. Look at Syria.

At some point the pendulum will swing back — perhaps in response to another attack, perhaps in the form of atrocities that, even if farther away from the west shore, the human mind cannot tolerate it.

The real lesson from Afghanistan is that the goal of military intervention – and it should always be a last resort – is to provide a place where politicians, economists and negotiators can play their part. Biden is telling the truth about one thing. In dealing with these new challenges, leaders need patience and perseverance – more than a White House resident.

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