The space system goes back to the 21st century

It has never happened in space than it does today. Marketing activities contain exploded over the past five years when space companies have set up rockets, put satellites around, and asked to go to the moon.

But some experts are concerned that the scale of this project is far ahead of its time in terms of globalization. Many such laws were drafted and approved long before the commercial scene.

Now, nations are realizing that they need to change those agreements. This week, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research took place annually Land Protection Conference in Geneva, Switzerland (students had the opportunity to attend or privately). For two days, ambassadors, investigators, and military officials from around the world came together to discuss threats and threats, to improve weapons, and air security. Their discussions provided an opportunity to see what new areas might look like.

Here are some of the most important ones.

An arms race could be taking place

Some experts are concerned that space may turn into the next battlefield. The use of space technologies has increased. For example, Russia and China has carried out anti-satellite tests recently, and the US has done the same.

“I would argue that we are seeing a handball competition going on,” he said Benjamin Silverstein, a space research researcher at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “Perhaps we have passed a time when it is prudent to make a serious effort to avoid arms competition.”

Silverstein said that instead of limiting it, the new regulations should focus on reducing the risks of oil competition. He encouraged countries to use the United Nations and its agencies to define and change the relationship between their constituents.

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