The Nintendo switchch has added support for Bluetooth headsets

Nintendo switchch case image End Extends Support for Bluetooth headphones

Figure: Gizmodo

Using a contractor to play almost anywhere, the Nintendo switchch lacks the ability to support wireless headsets, even with Bluetooth connectivity. You need to connect the headphones using a wire, or connecting wireless head adapters. But and 13.0.0 Edit updates that have just started, The change at the end supports Bluetooth audio materials.

Nintendo of America only has announced something new on his Twitter account, aeven if you were to think that the company would have done more to enhance the performance of the game-switching gamers have been asking for Bluetooth listening support for years. Better late than ever?

Updated to 13.0.0, new file Bluetooth audio this section appears on the floor switch settings Controllers and Sensors, it’s easy Dual Device decision, as well as a list of shortcomings which are also described in the file of Nintendo support page. With a Bluetooth headset connected — whether it is wireless headphones, earphones, or a speaker-switch it can connect wirelessly to two controllers at the same time. This means fourplayer Super Mario Party wars are unknown. Bluetooth devices will also be disconnected when two switches are connected locally to wireless video games.

This switch only allows one Bluetooth audio device to be connected at any time, although it can remember to connect to 10 different devices at the same time. The transmitter also does not support microphones on wireless headphones or speakers, probably because the functionality of the switch on the switch already depends on the smartphone app, and Nintendo warns that gamers may have audio latency depending on the type of Bluetooth device being used. This is no exception, and that is probably why Nintendo did not include this in the launch. But it’s a switch that slows down in length in the tooth, and the holidays are over comes with a OLED Switch as a new electronic device, it is a modification that makes the original version more attractive to those who have never purchased here.

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